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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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102 Oriental Aforzim

- In the East, revenge, the sweetest dish, it is like honeycombs with honey. Teeth get stuck in honeycombs, honey glues lips. Not everyone is ready to refuse such a treat, although he understands 80 percent that this can be a trap. But ambition and desire feast on honey in honeycombs higher, caution.

- A broad smile in the East is more likely to mean disagreement than consent.

- Either the immortal Taoist or the traveler, the first wizard, fairy-tale hero, and the second reckless fool is capable of telling the truth

- A sage in the shoes of a fool, a fool in the shoes of a sage, the first is happy, the second bit

- When you have lunch with a tiger, even a fool becomes a sage

- When a fool dines with a tiger and continues to be a fool, he becomes the main dish at this feast

- Every decade, the concept of healthy and proper nutrition is changing. At the same time, people manage to live and be healthy, apparently it is not a matter of nutrition but stresses or their absence

Flattery and hypocrisy are good for life, but destructive for the human soul.

The truth is one, but there can be many truths and each has its own.

there is no person who would be loved, respected and respected or hated by all at once.

- In order for everything to work out well, there must first be setbacks and mistakes! Very rarely everything turns out well!

- Fearing further is useless

- Overcome difficulties and move on

- Persistence is helpful

- Do not tighten anything

- Repetition of the test, in order to learn something new

- New ideas require space

- Focus on the goal

- Maintain a balance between loneliness and addiction

- Converting thoughts into finished products
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- curb impatience

- Change yourself before demanding change another

- Explore pre-retreat paths

- Do not neglect the little things

- Fear is like a motor, not like a brake

- If you can not hear animals and birds, then the danger is close

- Fighting danger is easier than waiting

- Hide the true nature of things

- Summoning causes fear

- People like to earn money for the suffering of others, but then they say we are not to blame, we just obeyed the orders

- In order to succeed in life, when society has lost morality, you need to drop your emotions and common sense

- It makes no sense to store what you do not use

- Gradually, people and traditions change

- Nobody has ever seen the future

- Sometimes in order to get a more valuable product, you need to buy another for a higher price, so that the seller does not understand that he is selling a very expensive thing, at a ridiculous price

- In order to succeed in society, you need to have communication skills, build personal relationships, make the necessary contacts

- The truth is told only by idiots and enemies

- Surrounding is just one part of the equation

- Key phrases for lies "only", "only"

- Always perceive information, in parts, each part is connected with its subtle questions or people

- Never complain about fate, it can throw more feelings

- Do not leave incomprehensible - incomprehensible

- Precious pearls can sometimes be found on dusty shelves, and cobblestones in the windows of bookstores

- This is idiocy without preliminary reconnaissance, go into the darkness with a cockroach


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