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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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103 Shop Tricks

Shir Ali heard a story from an experienced salesman, but a good person, Baraz.

He was an experienced merchant and knew various small tricks. And he did it imperceptibly.

Selling meat, 1 kg as if. But in fact, 850 grams of meat and 150 grams of paper. Brown, rough, light green, paper. She was heavy. Wrapping in three layers so that the meat does not flow, under the approving eye of the buyer, Baraz skillfully cut off 150 grams of meat.

For the whole day, Baraz could save up to 5 kg of meat, which was scarce at that time. The main thing was to hand in at the end of the day at least trim, but exactly 5 kg. Baraz changed the scraps in the warehouse, on the whole leg.

Then he gave this leg as a warehouse, and he gave him the opportunity to buy imported shoes, Austrian, at his price, as a gift. Other customers came to the store, and they were told that there was nothing. And Baraz had shoes and a three-piece suit and a leather cloak. Everyone wore gray, and he was like a big man in a beautiful brown leather cloak, black shoes, and a black pinstriped suit.

Everyone rode bicycles and he was in a car. Because he knew how to live!

We received, say, a store with juice with pulp, so from 5 liters he easily received 20. And he put the difference in his pocket. In fact, he sold 15 liters of juice for himself. I diluted it with plain tap water and no one noticed it.

They also did with milk. Dilute it with water one to two. The difference went into your pocket. This was all applicable during the period of socialism. Small tricks, but money was always in your pocket. No one was caught on this.

There were fools who acted brazenly. They twisted the scales, which measured 200 grams less, or did the weights of the weights less than necessary. But such dodgers were quickly caught.


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