Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
104 Bazaar Trick Number 9
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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104 Bazaar Trick Number 9


If you are a seller and you need to sell goods more expensive, what should I do?

A buyer comes, you tell him, what you are looking for is not with me, but my friend has it! Wait a minute!

You leave, drink tea from a friend, eat desserts, then take goods, such as dried peaches. As a friend, you buy 1 kg of peaches from a friend for 1.5, and then he comes and begins to tell fables to the buyer that his friend selected the purest, most ripe fruits for him. This is not my price, so I can't give you a discount, but I bought it from a friend for $ 3! Well, if the buyer needs it, then he waves his hand and buys for $ 3. But the broth remains with the cunning seller. It is necessary to be able to play with words in such a way as to deceive the buyer, and so that he does not understand this. I was still thankful to the seller!

Not when you don't buy at the market or bazaar, kernels already cut. Why?

Baraz himself sold them, so he knew how to clean them. To clean a large number of nuts, they are poured with boiling water. In a large and not very clean basin. With not washed hands, as soon as the boiling water cools down, they pick up the shell with a knife, it easily disappears. then put the kernels on the dryer. To leave excess moisture.

Such kernel kernels quickly mold. They spoil and indeed are harmful to health. Although they look very attractive.

This is market trick number 9.


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