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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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107 Trade and deception

@@Do you want the product to look fresh? Then douse it with water, will it look better than it is ?! But the problem is that then the shelf life of the goods decreases! From 20 days to 3!

The fruits begin to rot!

You need to buy fruits that are not washed, they last longer. And what kind of water are these fruits washed with?

Selling goods per kg, and at the same time lightening the weight of weights, for this during the times of the Arab Caliphate, chopped hands. And in modern times, being hung 100-200 grams is considered the background norm.

In the days of socialism, deceptions with ice were practiced. Frozen meat and fish were sold per kg, not taking into account the weight of the ice. When people came home, it turned out that ice was 30 percent of the weight.

There was another way, to lay the thick brown paper. With each purchase, a skilled seller could save a couple of dozen grams. 5-10 kg were gained per day.

Dilute juices with tap water. For example, peach or toman juice was pulp, three can be easily obtained from one can! The sellers put the difference of 2 cans in their pockets.

But these are subtle types of deception. There were rude ones. For example, a shipment of scarce goods came, sellers immediately bought it at a price of $ 20 apiece. And then they sold it at the store's warehouse, to customers "for their own" for a "hat" that is, for an extra charge. Scarce goods were already bought at 60 or even 100 dollars. Since there was nowhere else to find it in the city. Monopoly. Access to resources is not all. Cheating. Speculation. Earning initial capital. It's not fair? Yes! Is this not fair? Of course! But it was according to the stories of the elderly.



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