Strange Story
1 Chapter 1 : Collision Part 1
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Strange Story
Author :StrangeGod
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1 Chapter 1 : Collision Part 1

The modern world is complicated.

It's sacred place for some people and it's a nightmare for others.

I'm Alexander Bianco and this is my diary of the collision between the two worlds.


In a sunny day in New York, Alexander was drinking beer in a bar, enjoying the life gained from a recent Lottery which he luckily won.

"Customer, i can see that you are sad or angry about something, since this is the 15th beer, would like to talk with someone?" The bartender asked with curiosity.

"Hmpf, just because i'm slightly drunk, doesn't mean i will tell personal inform... actually, my wife cheated on me, took my child custody by false accusing me of violent behavior and the worst is that they believed it. So here i am, drinking until i pass out." Alexander responded, still drinking his beer.

"Customer... i'm sorry for your lost child custody." The bartender said.

"Thank you... here is the money." Alexander responded, taking out money to pay for the beers.

Later, the drunk Alexander was walking into the street when he saw something in the skies, it resembled a black hole and a portal.

"Looks like i'm more drunk then i thought." Alexander said and passed out.

* I don't own the worlds which will be mentioned *


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