Strange Story
2 Collision Part 2
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Strange Story
Author :StrangeGod
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2 Collision Part 2

@@When Alexander opened his eyes, he was in a hospital room, he clicked the nurse call button to ask for information but it wasn't working, since no one came.

Full of curiosity because of this unusual situation, he got up and walked to the window to have at least an idea of where he was.

"What the..."

Sadly, what he saw through the window wasn't the familiar and beautiful city of New York he once knew, instead it was hell on earth.

He was able to see strange huge humans killing and eating the few survivors in his sight.

After the familiar and disgusting sensation of death, he could only remember the feels he had after what happened in Iraq. He furiously closed the curtain and took a deep breath.

"What is going on?... It seemed so real to be a dream, was that a hallucination?... No, I could feel it... It's real!" Alexander thought.

He immediately remembered his daughter Lucy and started to feel anxious for her, since she is only 14 years old.

"Lucy... i will find you, i promise..." Clenching his hands to the point of going pale, Alexander promised.

While he started to exit the room he saw his medical report with 'Alcohol Coma' in it.

"You have to be kidding me, how much time did i spent in coma!?" Alexander thought with anger and shame, while searching for a calendar.

"Let's see... 23 July 2018... 23 July!? 1 month!?... i really need to stop drinking!" Alexander exclaimed with surprise and anger, after having found a calendar.

After calming down, Alexander left the room with determination to search for his daughter.




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