Strange Story
3 Weapons Part 1
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Strange Story
Author :StrangeGod
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3 Weapons Part 1

"I can't find weapons here since it's a hospital... i have some weapons in my house but how can i arrive there without many problems from these monsters?" Alexander, in front of the exit of the hospital, started to think.

"The metro is a good idea, since i saw many types of monsters and the metro will obstruct the way for the bigger ones, i'll only need to be preoccupied for the smallest ones... First let's do some tests." he thought, taking a stone from the floor.

"If they could sense the near humans from movements, they would already found me... so they probably can sense near humans from smell or sounds." he thought, strongly trowing the stone to a nearby trash can, nearby of one of the smallest ones he could find.

After some seconds, Alexander saw they neared the trash can, looked around and stayed there.

"Interesting... looks like they don't have the intellect of a human being, if they are a bigger version of humans without intellect, i only need to shoot the heart or the head?" Alexander thought, trowing another stone far way from the metro entrance.

Seeing the far way strange monsters, Alexander started to enter the metro.

"They probably can enter the metro squatting or dragging himself in... i need to stay vigilant from unexpected situations." Alexander thought, staying vigilant from possible attacks while moving forward.

Alexander continued to move while seeing many corpses in the way.

"Hmm... looks like one or more entered here... a police officer corpse with a pistol?" Alexander thought, taking out the pistol from the corpse.

"Damn... only one bullet?! What can i even do with only one bullet?..." Alexander thought with pity.

He soon started to see a shadow near where he was.

"He is coming from the only way i can go huh?" Alexander thought, hiding himself and readying the pistol.

Pointing the pistol to the now visible small monster, he remembered that he had only one bullet to buy time or kill him.

"...This is a pretty bad, isn't it?" Alexander thought, seeing now monster passing him.

Seeing a near extinguisher, "Looks like i can only pray to be lucky in this situation." Alexander thought, starting to run to the exit, giving away his presence to the monster.

Sprinting to the exit, Alexander looked behind, seeing the now running monster, he shot the extinguisher in the perfect time that the monster was near it, stunning him and creating a fog, letting Alexander create more distance between the two and disappear from the monster sight.

"Looks like my luck didn't abandon me today." Alexander thought, seeing no more monster behind him.

He soon started to see the next station, where he saw other corpses.

"Looks like he didn't use it before dying." he thought, taking a pistol from another police officer corpse and seeing the full loader.

Soon Alexander started to exit the metro since his house is very near this station.


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