Strange Story
4 Weapons Part 2
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Strange Story
Author :StrangeGod
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4 Weapons Part 2

"Those monsters really caused a disaster." Alexander thought looking around the exit of the metro.

He soon started to move forward towards his house, while staying vigilant.

Sometimes Alexander could hear screams but since he couldn't save them without weapons, he moved forward.

After some time, he finally could see his house.

"First i need to take the weapons and the food so i can look after Lucy." Alexander thought, entering his house.

Entering his basement, he soon found what he wanted.

"Hmm... now i'm ready, let's find Lucy first so we can find a safe place." Alexander thought, taking out the Barrett M107 (Sniper), XM25 (Grenade Launcher), FN F2000 (Assault Rifle), the pistol from the previous corpse and putting them in his army backpack.

Soon, Alexander looked like a new version of himself, with his army uniform, the army backpack, his haircut taper fade black hair, his amber eyes, his toned body and the FN F2000 in his hands.

"From what i remember, Lucy's new house (Ex-wife house) was 17 minutes from here, near the central park..." Alexander thought starting to run.

Soon, he found 2 monsters, one around 7 m and the other 4 m.

"I need to find out how to kill them first." Alexander thought, taking out a flashbang and trowing it at them.


"At least the flashbangs stun them." Alexander thought, taking out the Barrett and aiming at the bigger one.



"Let's see, head... No... Heart... No... What the..." Alexander thought, seeing the inflicted damage being healed in seconds.

"...I need to hurry, the sounds will attract more." he thought.

"...Think Alexander, they need to have some weakness... Think..." Alexander thought, taking out another flashbang and trowing it.


"... Every living being can't live without the head... Let's see if they can." he thought, taking out the XM25 and shooting in the mouths of the two.



"Looks like they can't... but i need to find a way to kill them without explosives." Alexander thought, seeing the headless corpses of the monsters while running away because earlier he saw many monsters nearing with his thermal vision equipment.

Getting close to Lucy's home, Alexander saw a small shadow running in his direction and bigger ones running after it.

"HELP!!!!" the small one shouted.


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