Supreme Island King
81 Answer
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Supreme Island King
Author :Xanderx
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81 Answer

Suddenly, it shocked countless people, and their heart was full of an incredible feeling.

"How did the Aka people do it."

No one knows this answer.

This casts a mysterious veil on the Aka civilization.

At this time, someone walked around the stone tablet and walked to the back of the stone tablet.

"There is still here."

Everyone rushed to the back of the stone tablet.

More than a dozen paintings were carved on the back of the stone monument.

Look from left to right.

The first one, a big island, a string of small island chains. The coast of the Big Island is steep, the center is a broad and fertile plain. There is a huge city in the northwest of the Big Island. The city is concentric. All the buildings are built with white, black and red stones.

"The city is very strange, much like the city in Greek mythology."

"This is indeed a city in mythology, but not in Greece, but in Atlantis. The city concentric layout is mythological Atlantis typical architectural layout."

"It seems that these ancient carvings are uncovering a mystery of countless scientists, historians, and scholars who have been arguing for thousands of years. A book about the ancient Greek scholar Plato Dialogue puzzle of Atlantis." A historian from London, England, Roy George, looked dignified and looked at the carvings on the stone.

In front of the stone tablet, many people, like Roy George, tightened their brows, their eyes were dignified, and their eyes fixed on the stone.

In the second, a huge fireball dragged the tail of a long firework, from west to south, descending from the sky.

"Oh my god."

"God, how could this be."

Many people couldn't help but exclaim, open their mouths and stare at the stone.

"This is a meteorite, at least an asteroid-grade meteorite. If it falls vertically on Earth, its impact power is thousands of times that of Hiroshima atomic bomb. It is easy to sink an island."

"The legendary Atlantis was destroyed by an earthquake and a flood."

In the third, the meteorite landed in the sea on the edge of the Big Island. The meteorite hit the Earth at almost a vertical angle, bursting with powerful energy. A tsunami appeared, the tsunami masked the land and the city, and a large earthquake shattered the islands around the Big Island and the Big Island.

Seeing this result, many people are very upset, bowing their faces with their hands and not talking for a long time.

This is a tragedy.

A highly developed civilization perished in a matter of seconds.

Everyone heart is very sad and depressed.

At the same time, this sculpture also solves a problem that has been debated by countless scientists, historians, and scholars for thousands of years.

Whether Atlantis is mentioned in Plato Dialogue is real.

The answer is there.

Why is Atlantis ruined?

As much as the book told about Atlantis, it was destroyed by the earthquake and the flood.

An asteroid-grade meteorite descending from the sky landed in the Atlantic Ocean, causing a tsunami and a major earthquake that sank the continent of Atlantis.

The fourth frame, up to the eleventh, depicts the Atlanteans struggling to survive in the Great Flood.

Everyone looked at the eight carvings with a feeling of depression and sadness.

Many people were buried in the seabed, and a small number of people successfully boarded the ship and looked at the endless sea. Before a quarter of an hour, it was a prosperous land, a hometown of its own, living its own, the loved ones, at the moment, ..., everyone on the boat has no happiness and excitement of successfully escaped from the death, and everyone is very sad and depressed.

The twelfth.

On the surface of the sea, a ship is sailing, and they determine the direction by observing the Polaris star.

When they arrived at the last mural, they saw the statue of the Aka Leader Faraway Hometown. Why did Chen Rui reveal a lot of thoughts on his face and eyes? Why did Chen Rui named the statue with that name? It is explained here.

There are only 12 sculptures on the stone tablet, and there is no more here.

But, another question that has been debated by scientists, scholars, and historians for thousands of years, where is Atlantis? In these twelve carvings, no answer is given.

Many people look at Chen Rui and hope to get an answer from Chen Rui.

Chen Rui is silent.

Suddenly, someone took out the camera and pointed at the stone tablet, clicking the button to take a photo.

Soon, everyone reacted.

Take a photo with a camera and take a crazy photo.

Someone has picked up the phone and called.


Greek Aegean Sea, beautiful scenery, sunny, is good weather for a vacation.

A blue yacht is moored on the sea.

Two white old men in checkered shorts, green and white shirts barefooted, sitting leisurely on the deck, holding a fishing rod in their hands for fishing.

Blowing the sea breeze and enjoying the soft sunshine is a pleasant life.

At this time, the phone rings.

"Grandpa! Your call."

"Well, let him wait, I will come right away." A white old man in a green plaid shirt put down the fishing rod in his hand, walked into the cabin, took the call from the little grandson, and answered.

"What do you say, Atlantis was born." Thomas Hughes exclaimed with a loud voice. The sound became very sharp because the tone suddenly became high.

Thomas Hughes is a Greek historian.

He has always believed that Atlantis has existed. He has studied the lost civilization of Atlantis for more than 30 years. He often drives a research ship to the Atlantic Ocean to inspect and photograph underwater photos.

Even fishing on the outer deck, his buddy Harlem Berger an expeditionist can hear his voice.

"You mean it." Thomas Hughes asked excitedly.

Because it is too excited, the voice has a vibration to it.

"The fax machine sent me a few photos, ok, I will receive it right away," Thomas Hughes said.

The fax machine in the corner of the room starts to print the photo.

A few photos came over.

This is a photo taken from the engraving on the back of the pyramid stone, very clear.

Thomas Hughes clearly sees the Atlantis concentric buildings on the engravings in the photographs. The meteorites hit the Atlantic Ocean and set off a tsunami and a major earthquake that sank Atlantis, and the surviving Atlanteans left by boat.

After reading the photos, he is convinced that these are true, it is the answer he has been looking for.

"Great." Thomas Hughes couldn't help himself.

"Man, there is a big fish on your fishing rod, it's a big fish." In the deck, Harlem shouted loudly to Thomas.

"Hell the big fish. Dude, the vacation is over," Thomas Hughes said loudly.

"Man, what happened, the yacht just opened the bay." Harlem asked Thomas in a puzzled way.

"Atlantis! Man, Atlantis was born." Thomas said as he packed up the things on the table.

"Really." Harlem said with surprise.

"Look at these photos," Thomas said, handing the photo to Harlem.

Harlem took the photo and looked at it carefully. "It seems that the vacation is really over. Dude, I can guarantee that the news of tomorrow will be the news of Atlantis."

"Book a plane ticket now, I want to arrive right away at Tortuga Island."


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