Taste of Love
9 Confidence
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Taste of Love
Author :silveredgold
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9 Confidence

@@The woman nearly went mad when the thief stole the money that she recently got from work. She needed the money to for her son's illness!

A man in a nearby restaurant quickly called his men to catch the thief, but a woman had already beat him to do it.

What he saw was an elegant back that held a bow and arrow on her hand. Her movements were clearly relaxed, it feels like she had been doing it all her life.

The woman, then, shot the arrow, and it had quickly pierced the thief's shoe accurately, leaving him to stumble and deep rooted on the ground.

Before the man could see her face, the woman already left together with the men she was with. They were all just watching her, like they are already used to see the woman's actions.

The woman who had yelled for help thankfully bowed her head to the woman's direction, she already knew who the woman was, so she dared not go.

When the group of people finally left, the people in the streets suddenly erupted in cheers, and praised the princess' bravery.

Meanwhile, the man in the restaurant was a very handsome man, his temperament was very noble yet exudes ruthlessness. His face soft, yet his hands are evidently rough and calloused. He was still in a daze, and even though it was just her back,he knew she's a rare beauty.

But what he haven't seen was a beauty brave enough to face someone without being fazed. What he saw in that woman was confidence, it was merely just her back, but her aura enveloped him. His heart suddenly beat faster than usual.

But he did not mind it. Maybe he was just amazed by the red-clothed woman's bravery. He suddenly remembered his purpose in coming to the kingdom.

So, he beckoned his men to come over, and left the restaurant.



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