Tea Of Summer
9 Chapter 9 - Autumn Tale 1.3
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Tea Of Summer
Author :Anna_Chen_
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9 Chapter 9 - Autumn Tale 1.3

"You finally came."  Wei Minghuei patted his shoulder with a wink.  "Do you know how many beauties would feel dejected if you didn't show up tonight."

Song Qiyan glanced at him and didn't respond.  The coughing on the other side, however, drew their attention.

"Summer, what happened to you.  Don't cry..."

Xia Liang coughed, from choking on the cheesecake, till tears welled up in her eyes.  She tried to identify, through her blurry eyes, the newly arrived man in front of her.

He wore a hunting cap, a casual shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and a pair of casual black pants.

This was exactly the Beiyan she would always recognize, no matter what form or shape....

Why didn't somebody tell her, why did she not know that Beiyan was surprisingly in the same college as her!  And even more so, they were in the same college abroad. That was just too much a coincidence.

Lin Qian raised her hand to pat Xia Liang's back to help her recover.  She did not notice that Song Qiyan had already raised his hand but then put in down.

It took a minute for Xia Liang to calm down and stop coughing.  Currently her only thought was --- --- I embarrassed myself, again.

Oh wow, why was she always embarrassed whenever she met Beiyan------This was not scientific TAT.[3]

One trouble after another, just one sound broke Xia Liang's composure that she had struggled to build up.

Song Qiyan spoke indifferently. "I'll take her to drink some water. "' Then he turned around by himself and walked away.

Xia Liang blanked out for two seconds and finally awakened after Lin Qian pushed her.  She followed Song Qiyang closely.

Behind them, Lin Qian, Wei Minghuei, and the other freshmen looked at each other in confusion.

Wei Minghuei was shocked and scratched his hair--- ---How come he never knew that Song Qiyang was such a kind-hearted person?

[1]: 师兄, pinyin: "shi xiong," means literally "older classman" for a older male student  (like senpai in japanese)

[2]: 学长, pinyin: "xue zhang," also means "older classman" for male students in a higher grade, just to clarify xue zhang can be used for someone who is in your school but older/higher grade; for shi xiong it's more general and can be used for a peer that's older or more experienced than you (not necessarily in an educational institution).  They are somewhat synonymous in usage though.

[3]: The author wrote this emoticon in the raw.  'TAT' for crying. Never seen it myself, probably a more common Chinese emoticon.


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