Tea Of Summer
16 Chapter 16 - Autumn Tale 4.1
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Tea Of Summer
Author :Anna_Chen_
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16 Chapter 16 - Autumn Tale 4.1

When they arrived downstairs at her apartment, Xia Liang lifted the bag of doughnuts in her hand with a cheerful smile. "Thank you, shixiong. The desserts were really yummy." Then she added, "Uhm, the noodle and wontons were also very delicious."

Song Qiyan pushed down his cap a bit as usual. "You're welcome. Go up now."

"Ok…..." Xia Liang nodded obediently. "Then, next time, it'll be my treat." Today it was Song Qiyan who had paid for everything.

Song Qiyan nodded. "Okay."

"Then…...Bye." Xia Liang rolled her eye, feeling that there was little left to talk about. So she waved her hand and went upstairs. She saw the man reluctantly turn around when she was at the turn of the staircase.

So…...he was watching her go upstairs?

Xia Liang stood in astonishment before quickly shaking her head to stop her runaway imagination------She didn't want to speculate what she did not know nor make too much out of nothing. "Live a simple life." was Xia Liang's only motto.

Downstairs, Song Qiyan was tenderly watching the girl's back disappear at the turn of the staircase before turning around with his head bowed in thought.

Fortunately she was a foodie. What food should he use next time to entice her to go out with him? He needed to think about it carefully....

Well, since she's not fat, it's alright to eat more. She was so skinny. Uhm, she needed to eat more in order to plump up.

He walked out of the residential area with various plans in the making. A passersby wouldn't have guessed what this slender man was planning in his head.

[1]: 听音谷, pinyin: "ting yin gu," literally means "listen sound valley," we couldn't make that sound any better…


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