Tea Of Summer
20 Chapter 20 - Autumn Tale 5.2
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Tea Of Summer
Author :Anna_Chen_
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20 Chapter 20 - Autumn Tale 5.2

It's almost dinner time.  There were still many students in the library and a long line stood outside of the coffee shop.  Xia Liang thought about the cup on Song Qiyan's desk...

Could it be that he was the one who had bought that cup of black tea?

It couldn't be...

The line in front of her was very long, she took out her cell.  She opened Weibo after she checked her messages on qq and WeChat.  She was surprised that she had a private message from a person marked with a big yellow V[1].  It was from "Bei Yan," who was sitting not far from her currently. The message was sent around 2pm in the afternoon.

His user profile was very brief; he had applied for the V at the urging of some good friends.  His profile only had a few words, "voice actor, worked for audio drama <Fate>, game <Troubled Time> etc."  People who followed him were mostly friends who had worked together in the same circle, there were only a few dozen of them.  But there were hundreds of thousands fans. It was unusually huge for a voice actor.

Probably because she knew Song Qiyan in the real world now, she did not feel as distantly as she had before after she saw the ID "Bei Yan".  She merely opened the private message, puzzled.

The message was very short.  There was only one sentence with 4 words: "Will you consider me?"

She was confused.  She looked back at his direction, but she only saw Song Qiyan focused on his report.  She was somewhat bewildered, but she didn't keep thinking about it since she could ask him directly in a short while.  She switched to surfing Weibo. Originally she was going to touch "Following", but she touched "My Weibo" accidently. The screen was refreshed and it displayed the Weibo messages she had posted before.

The very top one was exactly the one she posted in summer looking for a voice acting master or a CP[2].  The links to her voice audio clips were included.

The reply messages posted were all from her good friends.  They happily used the post as a message thread. She accidentally touched open that Weibo post.  Then she checked the "Likes". There were 36 "Likes". The user picture of the last one was so familiar, it was very low key, entirely black.

She instantly widened her eyes.

Could it be...

Could it be?

Could it be! ! !

Could it be that he meant that she should consider him as her voice acting master or CP?  Xia Liang's little heart was thumping and thumping. Being in this voice over circle, she certainly knew what the name "Bei Yan" meant.  She knew very well that his account was only for business and his Weibo posts were basically all for promotions of his or friends' works or greetings for special events.

Such a "god" like famous voice actor in this circle even extended to someone like her an…...invitation?

What did he mean by "consider" him?  Any normal people would jump immediately at it~~o(>_<)o ~~

But, being a Gemini, Xia Liang was torn again, did he mean to be her voice acting master or her CP? Oh...

It should be the former, as it should be.

[1]: The V on a weibo account is the same as the 'verified' check mark on Facebook and Twitter.

[2]: In Chinese, CP here can mean "couple" or "character partner."


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