Tea Of Summer
27 Chapter 27 - Autumn Tale 7.3
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Tea Of Summer
Author :Anna_Chen_
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27 Chapter 27 - Autumn Tale 7.3

"Hi, xiao shimei"

After Xia Liang finished her midterm exams, she still didn't have much free time.  She was sitting in the lobby of the Business School with senior students discussing the next research project when their conversation was interrupted by a clear male voice.

Several people sitting around stopped their discussion and instinctively looked towards the entrance.  Xia Liang, too, was looking for the person calling her. Though she was the youngest, just a sophomore, she took classes with junior and senior students due to her double major requirement.  Once she heard someone call for "xiao shimei", she automatically assumed that they were calling her.

There were several Chinese members in their group.  So it was not a surprise to them when they heard the term.

Xia Liang looked at the door and saw a face she was not familiar with.  She searched her brain for quite a while before she remembered that this man seemed to be one of the guys that sat next to Song Qiyan in the library that one day.

Xia Liang stood up and gave a friendly smile, "How are you, shixiong."

Wei Jian was straightforward, "How are you.  I am Wei Jian. I am a first year student in the Clinical Medicine PhD program this year."

First year...?

Xia Liang had felt that Wei Jian obviously was several years older than Song Qiyan.  If she remembered correctly, Song Qiyan had told her that he was already in the second year of the PhD program?                                                                                    

Wei Jian naturally recognized the doubt in Xia Liang's eyes.  He felt frustrated. "Xia Liang xiao shimei, not everyone can be as sharp as your man!" Song was three years younger than he but was one grade higher. Song started school early, skipped grades, and got into this special program, known for its competitive admissions. It was really unfair.  No wonder all the blonde beauties chased after Song Qiyan.

What did he say...your man?                                                                                                                                              

Xia Liang stuck out her tongue in embarrassment, "Oh, shixiong, were you looking for me?"

"Ah? What..…."  Wei Jian rolled his eyes as if saying "I was trying very hard to find an excuse."

"It is..."  What should he say.  Should he say frankly that he was very curious about what kind of a girl who could attract Song Qiyan, the man who wouldn't be interested in anyone for thousands of years?

"Jeffrey."  The sound came from the doorway behind Wei Jian, which was the sound of fatal attraction to Xia Liang.

"Ke..." Wei Jian had been caught and coughed immediately. "Hi, Qiyan, what brings you here?"

Song Qiyan wore his black hunting cap as usual. He pulled the rim of his cap. "I think, you and I are in the same research team." So, it was only normal that they both were summoned by their professor.

Wei Jian's mouth twitched.

The eyes underneath the cap scanned the people in the lobby and stopped on the girl who was standing. He strolled towards her.

Xia Liang blinked her eyes and watched the man walking closer step by step.


Song Qiyan nodded and stopped one step away from her.  "The script you sent to me last time..."

Script (⊙o⊙)…?                                                                   

Ah!  Xia Liang remembered immediately about her awkward mistake after she added Song Qiyan's QQ.  As she was finished reading the script of 'Ting Yin Gu'. She had written some notes on it and was about to sending it back to the director.  Because she had just added the new QQ account under the name "Yan", she accidentally clicked on it and sent out the script...Since she had not received any response, she simply pretended that he did not see it and didn't bother asking him.

She heard Song Qiyan slowly speak, "I'm not very busy lately. If you haven't found the cv for Tan Taixin, I can give it a try."

Tan Taixin was the lead male role in the audio drama 'Ting Yin Gu'.

Xia Liang instantly widened her eyes, this was unbelievable.

Wow, this was the Bei Yan Da Da who had stopped voice acting on the internet ever since his debut audio drama 'Mandate of Heaven'...

"What?" Song Qiyan looked at her in puzzlement.

Xia Liang couldn't even speak smoothly, "uhr, actually…...I had mistakenly sent it to you.  I thought you hadn't see it so I didn't want to bother you with an explanation. That…...only that, uhr, it's going to a piece produced by our workshop and the other main character is me.  But..." But, wouldn't Bei Yan Da Da despise this kind of minor work? Would he?

"Hello, hello!" Wei Jian couldn't help interrupting them and put his arm around Song Qiyan's shoulder. "Are you two talking in Chinese? How come I can't understand it at all? Uhm? !"

Xia Liang stuck out her tongue. "Sorry shixiong."

Wei Jian continued to tease Xia Liang, "Ah, ha, you call everyone shixiong! No, no, it won't show how special your 'Song shixiong' is. Tut, I think you should just call him 'Qiyan'."

Xia Liang blushed instantly.

She would be an extreme idiot if she still could not tell what Wei Jian was teasing her about…...

"Shixiong, you..."  Xia Liang argued with a flushed face.

Song Qiyan coldly pushed away Wei Jian's arm from his shoulder and warned him in a low voice, "Wei Jian."

He was almost driven crazy by Wei Jian's assistance.  He had been very careful at managing their relationship to prevent any mistake.  He acted without any undue haste in order not to make her feel offended. On the other hand, he did not want to be lovesick from acting too slowly.  Wei Jian was too straightforward in making his intentions so clear..

Fortunately, when he looked at Xia Liang, he only found some shyness on her face for being teased openly.  There wasn't a shred of anger. So, he stopped worrying.

Song Qiyan looked at her for two seconds.  His voice was was still something she would never tire of hearing,  "After you finish here, let's go eat dinner together. We will discuss it then."

Xia Liang nodded, "All right."

A dinner had thus been arranged.


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