Tea Of Summer
28 Chapter 28 - Autumn Tale 8.1
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Tea Of Summer
Author :Anna_Chen_
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28 Chapter 28 - Autumn Tale 8.1

In a Korean restaurant in Seattle, Song Qiyan and Xia Liang sat facing each other at a table next to the window.

It was supposed to be a perfect picture, but unfortunately there was the extremely annoying third person who should not be there at all...

Wei Jian coughed lightly and touched his head.  He was indeed too insensible today...He decided that he would order silently and eat silently!

Though Xia Liang felt a little bit uneasy, but Song Qiyan did not care about Wei Jian at all.  After he ordered, he acted like nobody was around and started to chat with Xia Liang about voice acting.

Song Qiyan: "I briefly looked at the personality of the character Tan Taixin.  My voice should match this character."

Xia Liang: O_O...

Song Qiyan: "If this character is still open, then let me try it."  He mentioned it again.

Xia Liang: O_O...

Song Qiyan: "What?"

Xia Liang drily coughed.  She felt a little timid and scratched her hair. "Uhm, actually, I'm just a little bit surprised."

"Surprised?"  Song Qiyan looked at her seriously.

Xia Liang sipped some tea.  "Umm...How to say it. I always thought that Bei Yan Da Da was so remotely distant from us small characters.  But suddenly I found that we have the chance to work together. And you promised so readily. Sort of...uhm, I felt like I was hit by a meat pie."

Now it was Song Qiyan's turn being speechless for a while this time.  Then he smiled a little bit helplessly and pointed at his nose. "Do I look like very distant?"

Xia Liang waved her hand promptly. "Of course not!"

"Then why did you...?"  Song Qiyan could not understand.

Xia Liang smiled bashfully. "Because Song Qiyan and Bei Yan have a lot of differences.  Even though I know that you are Bei Yan, I still feel...uhm, it's a very strange feeling."

Song Qiyan almost understood by now.  He drank some tea and looked seriously, "There is no difference. They are all me.  We are...friends, aren't we?"

Xia Liang paused then smiled sweetly. "Uhm, well, then may we work together happily for <Ting Yin Gu>.  And please, Bei Yan Da Da, don't give me the cold shoulder."

Song Qiyan replied earnestly. "I won't."

Xia Liang, "..."  You did not need to be so serious for every response.  It was very awkward==

Then Song Qiyan said out of nowhere, "And, do you like meat pie?"

Xia Liang,  ...what?

Song Qiyan lowered his head and picked up a paper bag from the floor which he had been carring in his hand all along.  The bag was pretty big. It looked like it was completely full of something. He put that bag on the table and pushed it to Xia Liang.

"For me?"  Xia Liang was curious.

Song Qiyan nodded and indicated for her to open it.

She put the bag on her lap and looked inside.  She found that it was full of assorted Chinese snacks.  She flipped through them with surprise. Hangzhou's green bean cakes, vacuum packaged braised bamboo shoots, duck tongues, boxed rice cake and the traditional meat cakes, all kinds of assorted snacks.

She was in a daze and looked up at Song Qiyan dumbfoundedly.

Song Qiyan saw that she apparently liked it.  He relaxed his clenched right hand in his pocket a little bit.  "Meat cake, it could be counted as meat pie."

Xia Liang still looked silly.  That wasn't the point. Ah, Bei Yan Da Da...

Song Qiyan pushed down the brim of his hat and uneasily explained. "My family sent them over to me. It's too much. I could not eat them all.  I thought you would like it." As a matter of fact, he specifically called home and asked his family mail this large bag of snacks to him. He gave all of them to Xia Liang.

Wei Jian who sat next to him, felt as if he almost did not exist.  Obviously Song Qiyan did not even bother to look at him. Whenever he was going to talk, he would receive a stern look of warning.  Inside, he wanted to protest this treatment. Wei Jian took a deep breath. He stopped his desire to talk.

Brother, please give me some if you could not eat them all!  Didn't you know that I have been driven crazy by the American food here?! Why don't you donate some to me.  Ah, you bastard, are you still my brother or not! ┭┮﹏┭┮


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