Tea Of Summer
30 Chapter 30 - Autumn Tale 8.3
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Tea Of Summer
Author :Anna_Chen_
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30 Chapter 30 - Autumn Tale 8.3

Everything that came next seemed to move smoothly and naturally.

Xia Liang sent the script and other stuff to Song Qiyan.  He replied quickly. But he used WeChat and sent a voice mail.  The noisy background obviously showed that he was still on the way home.

Song Qiyan, "I will download it after I go back.  I will send the recording to your mailbox as quickly as I can.  Then you send it to director for me. Tell me if there is any place that needs a re-do."

Right after this, the next message already started to play, "Go to bed early, Good night. Xia Liang."

Xia Liang looked at the little alarm clock on the end table.  It was obviously only a little past 8PM. Xia Liang was silent for a while.  She replied "Good night" and took a change of clothes to take a shower. Then she went to sleep.

Around 9 o'clock, Lin Qian came back to their apartment.  She saw clearly that Xia Liang's shoes were at the door, but there was no sound inside the room.  It was very rare that the night owl Miss Xia Liang went to bed to sleep so early. What's wrong with her?

Xia Liang didn't wake up until morning.

After sleeping a full 10 hours, Xia Liang felt very refreshed.

She stretched and as usual, checked the messages on her cell while still in bed. When she was checking her emails, she was so shocked that she almost dropped her cell.

Xia Liang almost burst into tears.

Bei Yan Da Da, you did not have to be so dedicated.  He had finished all the recordings in one night!

She was the leading actress assigned a long time ago but she had not started yet...

There was Bei Yan's voice mail in WeChat.  The time was a little past 2 o'clock in the morning.

"I briefly read through the novel and finished recording.  Send it to the director first. Let me know if there is any problem."  He seemed to have yawned, "It is very late. You should have fallen asleep already.  Good night."

Xia Liang held her cell blankly.  She was thoroughly hit by that little tired words, "Good night."

Xia Liang, you're doomed, completely...


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