Tea Of Summer
50 Chapter 50 - Spring Sunshine 5.3
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Tea Of Summer
Author :Anna_Chen_
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50 Chapter 50 - Spring Sunshine 5.3

In the sound of the pouring rain, Xia Liang finally pushed away from Song Qiyan's chest.  She turned her eyes away from his gaze, which was filled with desire.

Song Qiyan sighed lightly.  He stood up from sofa and pulled his hand out of Xia Liang's top. Then he pulled Xia Liang up and locked her in his arms.

Xia Liang buried her face into Song Qiyan's chest, recovering her breathe.  Her face was flushed.

After a while, she poked Song Qiyan's chest. "Qian Qian and shixiong haven't come back yet!"  Then she poked again. Umm, wow, he's pretty brawny.

Song Qiyan buried his head in her hair and taking in the nice scent of her hair.  He said "Umm".

Dissatisfied with his perfunctory attitude, she rose her head and bit his chin, leaving a pink teeth print. "Hey, the rain is pouring outside."

"They are both grownups and have money with them.  They won't get lost. And------" Song Qiyan answered without caring.  His two hands held tightly to her twisting waist. He turned over and pushed her underneath him.  A great fire flickered in his eyes. "Are you sure you want to continue feeding the fire?"

Xia Liang opened her eyes wide, with no idea how she got into this position.  She opened her mouth but then decided to shut up. With a bright red face, she closed her eyes with trembling eyelashes.  Then she shrunk into his arms pathetically.

Song Qiyan watched, it was difficult to be angry at her.

His usually clear and soft voice was a little coarse now.  He tried to speak but then at last he turned all his thoughts into two words, "Xia Xia------"

He was so very lucky to be able to have her in his life.

He had milled around for more than a year and there were so many times that he wanted to bury his feelings deep in his heart, yet he couldn't control it now as it burst forth.

He had placed that feeling in the corner and dared not to let her know.

It felt like treading on the thin ice, watching every step of the way carefully...

Finally, finally.

She finally was in his arms.

In the lobby of the little hotel outside the resort village, two people smiled bitterly to each other, soaked by the pouring rain.  Under the gaze of the front desk, they got the last vacant room in the vacation season.

The thunderstorm was raging outside, mixed with the sound of sea waves pounding the shore.

But, it would be a sunny day again.

After that, it would be the most glorious warm sunshine in spring time.


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