The Dark Demon Lord
1 Prologue
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The Dark Demon Lord
Author :SN_Collier
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1 Prologue

In an eerily silent universe where even light found itself in despair, a large black hole slowly formed midst the crumbling stars. As if enraged with the lowly world that it took form in, the black hole emitted a rumbling sound. With that ear numbing noise, a blurry sight sharpened within the devastating tear in space, turning into a sinister looking mansion.

The ink like walls contrasted greatly with pearl white skulls which hung around the purple tinted windows. Standing in front of the grande front doors were statues dripping with crimson red liquid. Their mouths wide opened as their terrified eyes looked forward at an unknown sight.

Behind the great doors, the inside of the mansion differed from the sinister appearance of the outside. Wooden walls were layered with beautiful women which looked as if they were once alive. The fine obsidian like floors carrying a splendid glow like the sparkling galaxy itself.

At the end of the front hall, rather then seeing many rooms, the first and only sight was a large hall. Although the materials stayed constant even in the halls, the lights seemed much more… menacing.

Most of the area was wide open for hundreds to gather, but at the end of the hall, there were a few large stairs that led up to a crystalized platform. Unlike the the purple hue that the obsidian floor emitted, the crystalized platform was much darker, almost as if it was tainted by darkness it self. In the centre of that platform, where a throne which could sit three grown men, was being occupied by a large creature.

The body of this creature was large, with refined muscles showing from his bare upper body. His ashen grey skin was covered with maroon runes, wrapping around his body like snakes. Three large horns protruded out of his heads, oozing with jet black gas. His serene, yet frightening bloody eyes, were blocked by the his dangling charcoal hair.

In front of him, were dozens of different human like creatures who stood with their heads lowered. Fear clouded their eyes as their countenance were pale. Some had thorny tails coming out from their back, others had shark like teeth that gnashed against each other creating grinding sounds, some even had wings of different kinds wrapping around their bodies.

There was one particular humanoid being who sat on both knees in front of the large throne. Her scarlet long hair draped on her back, cluttering around fiery orange wings which extended from her slim back. She wore a red robe which covered most of her body, however her ravishing yet elegant looks could not be hidden even under the flames that surrounded her.

With her golden eyes staring at the ground, and sweat dripping from down her pale neck, she stayed still like a statue.

Everyone on the room was silent, creating a very stifling atmosphere. The creature sitting on the large throne slowly got up as his calm eyes glanced at the woman's fair neck with no change.

"Tell me, do you understand what you did wrong?" His demonic voice resounded in the hall, causing the hanging lamps to shake as if a tornado was present. Not only the lamps, but everyone in the room trembled as they grit their teeth even more.

The woman continued to look down, not saying a word, but on a closer look, one could see that her pink lips were being chewed on by her pearly teeth, causing them to bleed slightly.

Seeing that no answer came to him, the large creature walked forward and glanced down at the woman in front of him. His large hand extended forward, gripping onto her small neck. He raised her off her knees and forced her in the air, making her look at him straight in the eyes. "I will ask you again, do you know what you did wrong?"

The gorgeous woman had a frightened look in her eyes, making many men in the hall want to rush up and kill the creature, but they lacked the courage to do that. Faint tears could be seen within her golden eyes, portraying a stunning yet sorrowful picture.

"I-I am sorry my Lord. I really did not intend to do any harm. I will not make another mistake again, please spare me my Lord." Her voice quivered as she spoke, her eyes filled with despair and sorrow.

"Hmph!" With a cold snort, the creature tossed the fragile looking woman beside his throne. As she landed on the ground, her golden eyes met those which were azure. Although beautiful, the azure eyes were filled with nothing but viciousness. "Zhaik, make sure to leave nothing behind!"

As his cold voice echoed in the room once more, a beast slowly got up and walked towards the woman. It had green fur all around its body, however they looked nothing less than extraordinary. The beast was a large wolf with razor sharp teeth. The second its azure eyes met those of gold, they felt nothing but hunger.

Seeing the beast making its way forward, the woman shivered uncontrollably as her tearful eyes looked at the creature who made his way back to the throne. "My Lord, please! Please, my Lord, spare me! I have done nothing wrong! My Lord, my Lord! AHHH!"

The green wolf known as Zhaik pounced towards the woman, tearing her body into shreds. Her phoenix like screech traveled around the room, reverberated in each person ears as a reminder. A reminder that they would find hard to forget.


Soon, the skreiking of the woman vanished, but the sounds afterwards weren't anything better. The sound of bones being grinded and swallowed filled the room, causing everyone to shake in their spots.

"This should be a reminder to all of you pests to never cross me, or you're fates will end just the same as this trash," The creature spat those words out with little to no fluctuation in his voice, as if it was just a normal thing, however to the many in the room, the voice that seemed calm was filled with nothing but menace.

Quickly, all of the people got on the floor and kneeled towards the creature sitting on the throne. "We hear and obey the Demon Lord! We shall follow you're will unconditionally Demon Lord!"

With a slight nod of his head, the Demon Lord waved his hand. From the shadow of his throne, a smaller demon walked forward. Unlike the Demon Lord which caused fear to erupt in each person with just a glance, this demon gave others a serene feeling. It was very soothing to their mental states.

"All you must be wondering why our Lord has gathered you here, well I am here to explain the reason behind that." His voice wasn't too loud, but it was able to reach of everyone in the room. "Our Lord has decided to go into seclusion in order to breakthrough into a higher realm."

When everyone heard the demons words, many felt their hearts tremble. The Demon Lord was already the strongest in the universe, reaching a realm unknown even to them. If he was able to reach a strenght even higher, how terrifying would that be?

The people in the hall couldn't help but glance at their Lord, their hearts shivering and their minds shaking. Their Lord was just too powerful and talented.

"Since our Lord is going to enter seclusion, we will need someone to look after his universe until he gets back." Some of the people began to shake with excitement when they heard the demon say this. Who wouldn't want to rule over the universe? Who wouldn't want the world bowing to them and forget their every action?

One of the humanoid beasts, with large dragon like wings on his back, and a couple of horns on his head quickly got up and bowed in the Demon Lord's direction. "Who is eligible to take the place of our Lord in his absence?"

"For that matter, we can decided later, however in the absence of my Lord, I will be in charge of his mansion." Everyone nodded their heads in acceptance. Only a demon or someone trusted by the Demon Lord could be get the responsibility to take care of his mansion. Seeing everyone nod their heads, Arnin got up from his throne and slowly walked away, with Zhaik following him from behind.

Seeing him leave so abruptly, everyone got up and bowed towards him. "We bid farewell to the Demon Lord and wish you success in your seclusion!" Their voices reverberated in the room, however the Demon Lord didn't even turn his head as he continued to silently walk away.


In a long hallway, lit up by white flamed lanterns, the Demon Lord slowly walked deeper with the green wolf following closely behind. The flames flickered as the shadow of the wolf began to warp into that of a man.

The transformed Zhaik looked extremely beautiful. His grass like hair that sat on his oval head contrasted splendidly with his sapphire eyes. By standing behind the towering Demon Lord, Zhaik looked very small, but his height was actually very tall as well.

"Lord Arnin, where do you plan on going into seclusion? And why is it so sudden?" Zhaik looked at his Lord with a confused look, however there was also a hidden glint in his eyes, unnoticeable by anyone.

Demon Lord Arnin turned his head and looked at Zhaik before face forward once more. "You should know about that other world, right? From what the Heaven Lord has told me, my power may be strong here, but I am only considered slightly strong in that world." A look of astonishment appeared on Zhaik's face as he looked at Arnin's serious face. "Before I enter that world, I need to increase my power to another level. Only then will I be able to control that world and make it my own." A sinister smile appeared on Demon Lord Arnin's face.

"But my Lord, if that place is truly so dangerous, why must you go there? You have everything that a person would need in this universe, so why must you travel further and enter that world?" Concern appeared on the young man's pale face.

Shaking his head, the Demon Lords eyes hardened as he began to grit his teeth. His aura rose slowly, causing Zhaik to tremble in his spot and even vomit a mouthful of blood. "I have interrogated the Hell Lord and have found news about the masterminds behind the Demon Massacre! They seem to be from that other world, and they are much more powerful then I can imagine." His voice was stone cold, however a bit of agony and sorrow was hidden in his crimson eyes at the mention of the massacre.

Zhaiks eyes narrowed as well. He bared his sharp teeth as he thought back to a certain event that happened millions of years ago. "Lord, those bastards have been found?! If that is the case, then I must make preparations as well." His gaze was filled with fires of anger.

"If you wish, you may follow me to where I will begin breaking through, however the risk of death is very high." With his aura calming down, Arnin began silently explain. "Tens of thousands of years ago, I created the outline for a world and secretly transferred different species into that world. After doing all of this, I was able to locate an area in space with a new developing essence, it was something in its initial phases, but the strenght of its core was no less than that of the Heaven Lords." When he mentioned this new world and frightening core, even the Demon Lord's face became serious. "It has been many years since then and the world should be completely merged with that essence. I plan to enter that world through reincarnation and slowly build up my power until it is equal to what I have now. Only then, will I return."

Shock covered Zhaik's face when he heard about the core having strenght equal to the Heaven Lord in its initial phases. "The core should have fully developed now, right? So how is its power compared to you, my Lord?"

"I recently went over and found that the power the core has now is only slightly stronger than yours. It is something I can handle only if I continue with my Demon powers, but once I reincarnate into that world, then I could be easily killed." Finding anyone in the universe that could match Arnin's power was almost an impossibility. The strongest person after him would be Zhaik, but even then the latter would not be able to match him in the slightest.

"If that place is so dangerous, why must you go there? You can just find a safer place and enter seclusion until you breakthrough." Arnin shook his head in rejection.

"Zhaik, we have been friends since even before I exited my home world, so you must understand how much I am willing to risk for this. If I am able to find those bastards, I need the power to do what I want with them. I must enter this world in order to become stronger." Killing intent radiated from Arnin as he spoke about the people who caused the massacre.

A deep sigh escaped Zhaiks mouth. "As you wish my Lord. If you are willing to face such danger, who am I to back down at the last moment? I shall accompany you and we shall slaughter anyone that blocks our path."

Arnin nodded his head in satisfaction as he waved his hand. In front of him, a portal took form leading to a large planet. This planet was covered in green and blue, there were even parts that were completely red and black. Clouds of different sizes traveled across this planet as slow as sloths. "This is the world. I will seal my powers and enter reincarnation now, you should do the same. Remember not to release your powers in this world or you will be instantly killed by the core." After saying his piece, Arnin's body turned into a black beam that shot into the planet.

Zhaik watched this as his eyes became frosty like ice.


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