The Dark Demon Lord
2 Birth of The Twins
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The Dark Demon Lord
Author :SN_Collier
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2 Birth of The Twins

Deep in a luscious green forest, the trees reached for puffy white clouds. A cheerful hamlet, made up of thatched houses, each deliberately placed, was guarded by trees on all sides, the boreal wall was only breached by a single dirt road. Every home and building was connected by paths of dirt that crisscrossed over one another. To the north of the small village, a house with wooden walls and thick green leaves as a roof, stood silently. Many humans gathered in front of the house. They were watching, waiting, their eyes seemed to sparkle, later dimming as time passed on.


The stone door that blocked the entrance was slowly pushed open. Pebbles on the dirt ground started to move until a hunchback man stepped out. His black hair contrasted with his pure white clothes greatly. The deep brown eyes in his sockets glanced at all the people in the surroundings. Everyone became silent.

"It's a boy!" His mouth curved up into a small smile after staying silent for minute. Then suddenly the people roared with happy laughter.

"Hahaha! We knew it would be a boy!" Shouted a small old man. "It's a good day! Hahaha!" Everyone cheered loudly. They were patting each other's back, but then another piece of news dropped loudly onto their ears like a drum.

"I am not done speaking! She had twins. The second child is a girl!" The hunchback man annoyingly stared at the town's people as his smile grew wider. The cheers got even louder.

"A girl as well? What luck to have two children!" As everyone was laughing merrily and discussing the great news with one another, a couple silently sat inside the house. On a bed, a frail woman who looked like she was in her thirties cradled a baby boy. Her puffy blue eyes, which seemed to have shed some tears, looked lovingly at the child. Her long blonde hair dangled in front of him, who in turn played with the hair quietly. Beside her sat a slender young man whose age was similar to hers. In his thick, long arms was a baby girl. The man's black eyes lit up as he took in the view of the girl with a smile.

"Ashia, we finally have children. We can now be parents, and what's more we have two! I am now a father!" The man looked happily at his beautiful wife. Ashia and Florian were a newlywed couple whose background was of common birth. They lived normal lives, but they hoped for their children to have a more splendid and adventurous life. The couple, who just had the two new babies, did not care about the ruckus that was going on outside. They just quietly looked at their newborns.

The baby girl, who was in Florian arms, had tiny blonde strands on her head and blue eyes like her mothers, while the baby boy had strands of black-grey hair with deep black eyes, somewhat like his father's. However, both babies had something on their foreheads that was abnormal yet enticing. The baby boy had three small horn shaped tattoos on his forehead, while the little girl had a single tattoo. The little boy's tattoos were straight and sharp with small curves at the end, while the little girl's single horn tattoo had no curve and didn't seem sharp whatsoever. This discovery led to the couple's astonishment. Their children had tattoos right when they came into this world. It didn't seem like an auspicious sign, but it was still an unknown mark. The parents decided the marks were like birthmarks and that they were only a unique type of birthmark.

"Florian, I have the names for our children already decided. I want the boy to be name Arnin and I want the girl to be named Nekaia." The soothing voice of Ashia reverberated in the room. Florian quietly nodded in acceptance.

Florian felt very content because the Foro family bloodline was able to carry on. As a small family, it was very difficult to survive. The two new babies brought hope for the continuation of the family, especially the boy, Arnin.

As the couple were blissfully occupied with their two new children, the people outside were slowly scattering away. Other than wanting to know how many children there were and whether they were boys or girls, the town's people didn't really think much of it. They had children if they were lucky, but if not then their luck was very bad. Many had their own children, allowing them to continue their families bloodline, however those that did not have children had to accept the facts and move on with their lives.


The next morning, Ashia and Florian quickly took their children off their bed. Since Arnin and Nekaia were still newborns, they slept on the same bed as their parents. However, the parents were not wealthy, rather they were somewhat poor. Leaves were being used as the covers over the hard wooden bed. Although it seemed uncomfortable from afar, it was actually not too bad. The babies slept soundly with the parents throughout the night. Ashia was able to sleep through the whole night with Nekaia, but the hapless Florian was busy with the crying Arnin, who kept crying even after Ashia fed him.

When the couple stepped outside with their two newborns, their neighbors rushed towards them.

"Ashia! Florian! Good morning, and what might these adorable things be called?" An old woman who lived very close by quickly approached the couple. She was very friendly towards Ashia since her daughter and Ashia were good friends. As an old woman who had seen Ashia grow up, she also took joy towards Ashia's blissful family.

"Aunty Varena, good morning. Hehe! These two are called Arnin Foro and Nekaia Foro." Ashia happily smiled towards the old woman. She had very good feelings for the old woman who she had known since she was young.

Florian on the other hand, smiled and nodded towards the old woman. He just held onto Nekaia, letting his wife tell others their children's names. He enjoyed seeing his wife so full of smiles and laughter. It gave him a sense of accomplishment. After Ashia was done introducing her children to the neighbors, Florian and her started to walk around the village. She wanted to let her children get used to the environment.

The couple walked into a crowded area and headed towards a large building. It was made of large logs and bright green leaves. There was clear glass for windows and a large sign that said 'Orb Identifier'.

In the world of Afloria, there were different jobs one can do, however, what really allowed one to survive was strength. Every child was born with an essence orb, which allowed for one to absorb the world's essence. This essence would become one with the child's body and strengthen it slowly. Of course, the essence could be used in different ways. Depending on the type of orb and how much talent one had, a child could become a farmer or a warrior. Every family desired a warrior because these people could earn a more stable amount of money.

Each warrior would have to go through different stages and be ranked depending on those stages. The first rank would be called 'Orb Birth'. This rank had four smaller realms inside. Earth, Sky, Hell and Heaven. These four levels stayed constant through every large realm.

The village where the couple lived, was called Talonton village. It was a small village that made money through the selling of animal meat, however, the meat was from normal animals and not essence beasts. A warrior would be a big-shot in the Talonton village because the highest level achieved by the village leader was, Essence Manifest - Hell. Anyone who didn't enter Orb Birth - Sky was considered as a regular human. Ashia and Florian were respectively Orb Birth - Hell and Heaven, making them a part of the average group in the village.

When the couple entered the large building with their babies, they saw a front desk made out of refined stone. There were small plants placed in front of the many doors, which gave off a very comfortable feeling.

Behind the desk was a small lady with brown eyes and brown hair. Her figure was petite but her face looked mature, which gave off a unique presence.

"Are you two here for an Orb Identification checkup?" The girl asked. Her tone was high pitched but it wasn't irritable. Actually, it fit well with the young woman's appearance. Ashia nodded and signaled towards Florian, who put took out ten pieces of copper and placed them on the table.

"So we are having two checkups? Ok, please head to room four. I will send someone to tend to you." The woman pointed towards a hall on the right. There were five rooms so room four was found easily. The couple quickly walked towards the room and entered. Inside was a large tree-like plant that hid beside a bed. The bed was wrapped with a soft piece of cloth. There was also a stone desk with some ink and pages.

The identifier job was a good job to have, but wasn't considered prestigious. Almost anybody could do it, however in the poor village of Talonton, even an identifier was treated with great respect.

After waiting for a few minutes, an old man walked into the room. He had a bundle of white hair and his white robe was also quite clean. In his hand was a round object that was blue in colour and had a white cube inside. The old man did not bother to introduce himself and looked towards the two babies.

He hovered the round object over Nekaia first. He raised an eyebrow when he saw the cube become black. He hovered it once more, but the result was the same. He wrote some things down on a paper and continued with the identification. Arnin was next. The old man put the object over Arnin's head, but the same thing happened. The cube was black, but this time it seemed a lot deeper and demonic. The old man raised both his eyebrows and quickly wrote something on a piece of paper.

After finishing the quick identification, the old man tossed two pieces of papers to the couple. "Each page has info about the children's orbs and talent. You can see for yourself, however the result may not be a good thing." The old man took another glance at the babies and walked away.

Ashia and Florian quickly looked at the pieces of paper and gasped.

'(Nekaia) Sex: Female. Species: Human. Realm: Orb Birth - Earth. Talent: ??'

'(Arnin) Sex: Male. Species: (D)Human. Realm: ???. Talent: ??'

The couple was bewildered. Both babies had unknown talent, and Arnin even had an unknown realm. Also, what did it mean by the 'D' in front of the 'Human'? What did all of this mean?


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