The Dark Demon Lord
3 Arnin and Nekaia
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The Dark Demon Lord
Author :SN_Collier
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3 Arnin and Nekaia

Ashia and Florian were extremely worried about the results of their children's Orb Identification. With their talents unknown and even one with a questionable realm, would their children ever be able to live a good life? What confused them even more was the 'D' in front of the 'Human' for Arnin. It said 'Human' so they knew that Arnin was a human, however, why would there be a 'D' in front? As they silently discussed these issues, they failed to notice that a small red spot was forming in Arnin's eyes. Although very tiny, if one looked closely it wasn't difficult to find.

Arnin, whose memories were awakened during the Orb Identification, looked around with his eyes. He looked at his parents, who were discussing something with frowns, and then looked at his sleeping sister. This was his second reincarnation, but his memories were intact and his powers were sealed. What surprised him though, was the fact that the mysterious round object was unable to distinguish his talent and power realm. With his past powers still lying dormant inside of him, that would possibly alter his realm results, but how was his talent altered? Did his talent from his past life carry forward into this life? Arnin began to come up with different conjectures about the issue related to him. While thinking about the identification, he was very surprised that his species was listed the way it was. Although he was reborn as a human, there seemed to still be some demon essence inside of him.

The couple continued to walk back to their homes, and Arnin continued to take in the surroundings. When they finally got back to their small home, Ashia and Florian laid the children on the bed and started to play with them.

"Little Arnin and little Nekaia will grow to become very successful. I just know it! Florian, we will provide everything for our children no matter what! I will not let them fall behind anyone else." As Ashia spoke resolutely, her eyes started to fill with tears. She just wanted her children to become successful and live life without any worries. Florian walked in front of her and got on one knee. He large hands grabbed her red cheeks and his thumb started to wipe the tears slowly. He smiled and looked confidently at her.

"They will become great people when they grow up. As long as I am alive, no one will bully them, or you so don't worry and wipe those tears. They make you look like a ghost-" Ashia softly pushed Florian away. Florian laughed happily as he pulled Ashia into his embrace and started to rub her head lightly.

Arnin, who saw all of this, started to ponder something. In his past life, he was the almighty Demon Lord that was feared everywhere. Maybe if his family was not slaughtered he would have become a respected Lord, rather then a feared one. His new parents that were shedding tears for him and his little sister made him feel soft inside. The only person that had ever shown him so much love was his friend, Zhaik. Now that Zhaik was gone, this was his family. A family that was alive and healthy.

Arnin, at that moment, made a vow to take care of his new family. He would grow up quickly so that nothing like what happened in the past happens again.


Five Years Later

Arnin and Nekaia were now five years old. Arnin had short black hair and he was taller than most kids around his age. He was a handsome child but looked somewhat evil. He always kept a frown, unless he was with his parents or Nekaia. The three tattoos were ashen grey and still the same size. Nekaia on the other hand, turned out to be very beautiful. She had the same demonic air as Arnin, but it wasn't as strong. Her blue eyes became brighter as she grew and her long blond hair had already reached her upper back. Many in the village called her fairy because of her beautiful looks, azure eyes and long blonde hair.

Arnin and Nekaia did not look that much alike, but they still had some similarities such as their tattoos. They were very close and would stick to each other like glue. When they walked together, they gave off a very weird presence. Arnin with his cold countenance contrasted his sisters welcoming aura greatly.

Arnin had no friends from the beginning, but he seemed to be ok with it. Nekaia, however, was very popular. She was both beautiful and welcoming making people feel attracted to her.

"Arnin, want to come and play with me and my friends?" Nekaia looked at Arnin with sparkling eyes. She knew her brother didn't like to talk to others, and others didn't like her brother much either. She felt that her brother just needed to open up a little, then people would start to treat him very well. Arnin looked at his little sister, his eyes softening. He gave a slight smile and patted her on the head.

"You can go on and play. I will go and see if mom and dad have work for me to do. But don't stray too far, ok?" Arnin looked lovingly at his sister. These past five years further developed his desire to protect his new family and keep them out of harm's way.His mental state, which was of a one-hundred-million-year-old Demon Lord, made him treat his sister in a child-like fashion.

Nekaia pouted her rosy lips and made an annoyed face. She lightly pushed Arnin's hand off her head and ran towards her friends. She smiled brightly at her brother from a distance and waved at him. Arnin watched silently then started to walk back to his home. The house still looked the same, except there was an extra bed placed in the one of the other corners. This bed was for him, while Nekaia still slept with their parents. He was a little too big to sleep with them, while Nekaia was still very small. He also found it rather unnatural to sleep with his parents.

When he walked in, he saw that his mother was peeling some apples while his father was helping with the clothes. Ashia and Florian noticed his entrance and smiled happily towards him. "Where is Nekaia, Arnin?" Florian noticed the Nekaia's absence and asked. His face didn't seem worried, rather his face gave off a look of helplessness. He already knew what Nekaia was doing and why Arnin was home alone. He bitterly smiled towards Ashia who also smiled back.

"Arnin, why don't you go and play with your sister and her friends? You need to make some friends or you will become very lonely!" Ashia went towards her son and pulled him into her embrace. She really wanted him to be a little more open, but his cold personality was getting in the way.

"I'm alright mom. I don't need friends. They will just bring me trouble. Here let me help you and dad with something!" Arnin smiled towards his mom before walking towards the peeled fruits.

"Arnin! Go outside and do something. I am not going to allow you to come inside until sundown. I don't care what you do outside, just do something. Make some friends will you?" Ashia finally snapped at him. She wanted him to make at least one friend and enjoy what kids his age enjoy.

Florian and Arnin were startled. They never expected that Ashia would become so mad over such a matter. Getting the hint, Arnin quickly ran outside and reluctantly closed the large stone door. He looked around to see kids playing with leaves, rocks, and twigs. In the distance, he could see his sister playing with a group of girls. She was role-playing as a princess and her friends were acting as other characters. Arnin walked towards the shade where he sat down. Since he still had his memories, he was a lot more mature than other children and even more mature than most adults. He understood that he was different because of this and that it hurt his mother and father, but he couldn't change his personality.

From a hole that acted as a window in the house, Ashia looked at Arnin sitting alone in the shade. She released a sigh and walked back towards the fruit basket. Her blue eyes were somewhat red as she glanced towards Florian.

"Why do you think he is like this? He is a very good child, but why won't he talk with others?" Ashia started to question Florian. Florian, who was done with the clothes, walked towards Ashia and sat down.

"There is nothing wrong with him. He is just different, so let him be. He will eventually find a friend, a good friend." Florian smiled as he embraced his wife. He then helped with the fruits and looked towards the isolated Arnin in the shade and Nekaia who was surrounded by children in the sun. The sharp contrast in scenes made him heavily sigh.

Arnin who was oblivious to what his parents were discussing silently sat in the shade with his eyes closed. Ever since he awakened his memories, he had been trying to figure out the power of this world. Through many inspections, he found a tiny black orb near his chest. It was releasing strands of grey that traveled everywhere in his body.

He understood that the grey strands helped strengthen his body and mind. He had been trying to control the movement and intensity of these small snake like strands, except for the intensity he could not yet control where they traveled in his body. After numerous tests over the course of five years, he eventually came to the conclusion that he needed more strength to control the grey strands.

In contrast to other children who didn't even know where their orbs were located, Arnin had figured out how to absorb energy into his body. This energy became one with the orb, enlarging it. Although, he had an unknown realm, Arnin figured that he was still in Orb Birth - Earth. The difference, however was that he was approaching the peak of the realm, while others his age were just in the beginning stages. The people of Afloria believed that when a child turns five they should begin to cultivate their orbs. It was the most optimal age to begin because the children would have absorbed a good amount of essence that could now be used in training. Arnin and Nekaia would start their orb cultivation in three days time. Before that, their parents had to prepare the money for them to attend the lessons given by a scholar who came from a nearby city. Every city wanted young talents, so they would send a scholar to see which children had high talent. They would then try to recruit them, leading them to a better life. This was one of the many reasons that a family hoped their children could become warriors.

Arnin had been reluctant to participate in the lessons because he had already gotten a good foothold on understanding the orb himself. However, to prevent others from having suspicions about his power increase and to learn more about how the natives controlled the power, he decided that attending the lessons would not be a bad idea.


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