The Dark Demon Lord
6 The Village Elder
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The Dark Demon Lord
Author :SN_Collier
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6 The Village Elder

After having the discussion about leaving with his father, Arnin knew that he was limited on time. A normal child around his age would be on the Orb Birth -Earth level until the age of eight, however, he was already at the peak of the level. He needed to break through in two days so that he could prove to his dad that he is is able to venture out on his own. The only option that appeared in his head was seeking some advice from a native that had gone through the process of breaking through already. This would allow him to gain some enlightenment which could boost his cultivation and help him break through into the next small realm. He did not have a proper route; he was doing everything himself and needed some external help. If he had gotten a week, he could achieve a breakthrough on his own, but to speed it up he needed a helper. The village elder, who had already achieved Essence Manifest - Hell, had much more experience with the orb then Arnin.

Being the strongest in the village allowed the village elder to live in the most central area. His home was much larger and spacious then Arnin's. There was a hall right in front of the entrance, and a front desk for visitors. Although it was the village elder's home, it was also a place where many of the problems were discussed. The village elders home was very chaotic because of the lessons that were going on. Many wanted their children to get the opportunity to become warriors of the city, but the lessons were stopped mid-way because of an unknown issue. This became a large setback for the village, so many high ranked officers came in to discuss it with the village elder.

In the large hall, different sizes of people were gathered, some were wearing good quality clothes, while others were wearing tattered clothes. The village elder tried to not discriminate against others, which made him quite likable.However, he treated his grandchildren with more love than even his own children. He was impartial towards everyone except his grandchildren, which was good because it showed that he treated his family as something very important, but it was bad because it made him seem somewhat hypocritical.

Arnin, who entered the hall, did not cause much attraction because of his size being smaller than the rest, which made him difficult to find. He swiftly walked through the many people, however at the same time he tried to observe their orb threads. He wanted to see the difference between their levels and his own. Some had very thick threads while others had thinner ones, but none had the same thickness as the woman who came to find him. He was able to determine the level of many people quite easily, some took a little longer but were also eventually discovered. This was not the case for Avian because her level was still unknown to him. After walking around for a while, he noticed an old man sitting on a chair in the corner. The old man had black hair with many wrinkles over his face. His eyes were closed, looking as if he was unperturbed about what was happening around him. The two little girls had sky blue eyes which complemented their long black hair, almost a perfect combination. They were beautiful children that would become incredible demonesses when they grew up. One of the girls was around the same age as Arnin, while the other looked to be a couple years older.

While everyone in the hall discussed fervently, Arnin started to make his way towards the old man and two girls. He already knew that this was the village elder because the threads in his body were the thickest in the hall. He was only a dozen steps away when he felt someone approaching him from behind. A large man with a goatee walked towards him with a glare. His threads were thicker than the average person in the hall. He seemed to be a part of the stronger group in the village, giving him a higher status.

"Little boy, what are you doing in this place!? Not just anyone is allowed here! Who are your parents, tell me their names so that I could call them to fetch you!" The goatee man was very haughty when he approached Arnin. His nose was raised in the sky, while his voice loudly reverberated in the hall. Everyone quieted down when they heard the goatee man's voice. When they saw Arnin and started to discuss in private.

"Who is this little kid? Doesn't he know that this is the village elders home." said a middle-aged man with tattered clothes.

"I don't know who he is, but looking at his clothes he must be a part of the needy group like you. I bet you he is here to beg for some money or something. Just what I would expect from the poor. Haha!" A well-clothed man snickered at the middle-aged man with tattered clothes, with a hint of mockery and disgust in his tone.

"What did you say? All you rich folks only know how to leech off our hard work! I bet you were an insect in your past life because you are both small and blood-sucking like one!" The two men fought using harsh tones.

While everyone was arguing about different things, the goatee man had already walked towards Arnin. Judging by the thickness of the threads, the goatee man was very likely an Essence Manifest - Earth. It wasn't the highest level, but it was still very good in the village considering there was only one small realm between him and the strongest. Arnin on the other hand just looked at the man for a second before turning around and walking towards the village elder.

"Did you not hear me? What are you doing here?" The goatee man was angered that he was treated like thin air in front of so many people. He raised his voice and spoke a little more harshly, however to his surprise he was ignored once more. Arnin just kept walking towards the village elder without looking back. The goatee man lost his composure and rushed towards Arnin, wanting to grab him and give him a good beating. Just when he was about to reach him, Arnin sidestepped without turning his head. The goatee man fell forward onto his face, which gave him a few cuts. Although they were not deep, it was very humiliating for the goatee man, so he stood up wanting to rush towards him once more.

Just when he was about to rush towards Arnin again, a shriveled hand grabbed his shoulder. The goatee man turned around and saw the village elder looking at him calmly. The goatee man gritted his teeth and stepped back, allowing the village elder and his two granddaughters to walk towards Arnin.

"Young man, it seems you have something you would like to discuss with me. Tell me, what is it that you would like to say." The village elder spoke calmly towards Arnin. Everyone thought that the village elder was being kind, but they didn't notice the hint of killing intent in his stare. Arnin, however, noticed it. He knew why the village elder was mad and didn't blame him for it. Who wouldn't be mad if their people were humiliated in their own home? Arnin glanced at the younger of the grandchildren before his lips curved up into an evil smile.

"Elder, I see that your youngest granddaughter is doing well. Can I see her one hour from now, or will she faint from being overwhelmed by my presence?" Everyone in the hall started to berate Arnin for being shameless and arrogant, but the village elder suddenly released a terrifying aura.

"Everyone, I would like you to leave for now. I have something to discuss with this young man!" The people in the hall quickly left the hall with their tails between their legs. On the way, they silently cursed Arnin for causing such a mess, some even pitied him for receiving the anger of the village elder. He looked at Arnin and laughed with unhidden mockery.

Arnin was unconcerned with what the others thought. He only looked at the village elder, knowing that he understood the hidden meaning of his sentence. When everyone finally left the hall, Arnin walked towards a chair and casually sat down. He signaled towards the village elder to take a seat as well, but it was unnecessary because the old man continued to stare at Arnin.

"Little boy, how did you know about the ailment that my granddaughter has? Speak now or else the consequences will be dire!" The old man lost his calm and started to speak much louder, almost shouting. Arnin rubbed his ears and smiled towards the village elder.

"Elder, why the need to shout? I can help your granddaughter if that's what you really want to know, but in exchange, you will help me. Is that a deal?" Arnin with his small hands rubbed his chin. He felt like he was back on his throne, speaking to one of the stronger beings in the universe.

The village elder was at a lost for words, he didn't know how to reply to the young man. "How will you cure my granddaughter of her illness? Do you, a little boy, even know what you are speaking about?" The old man became angry again. He felt that Arnin's demand may not be so simple, and Arnin would most likely be gaining more then he would. Yet, his granddaughter was more precious than his life so he was willing try betting on this kid.

"Well, that's a stupid thing to say. Why would I mention your granddaughter's ailment if I can't help you with it? Old man, have you grown muddle headed because of your age?" Arnin spoke rudely towards the village elder right from the start. He didn't feel that respect should be given to such a hypocritical person who claims to be impartial towards everyone but is still biased towards his grandchildren. He could remove the impartial title from his name then everything would be fine, but that title made him seem very hypocritical.

"You disrespectful brat, how dare you to speak to your elder in such a way? Did your parents not teach you respect? First, you humiliate my people in my own home, now you do the same to me? Where is your decency?" The old man was so angry that his pale white skin became as red as roses. His veins were about to burst on his forehead when he suddenly became dizzy and stumbled back. His granddaughters quickly rushed to support him, while the elder one glared at the casual Arnin.

"Remember, it wasn't me that wanted a fight, it was him. And who told you to have thoughts of killing me? Just consider me sparing your life as being respectful. Now back to the main topic, I can treat your granddaughter. All you have to do is agree to my demand. You and I can sign a joint contract that forces us to do as we are told in the given time frame. Do you have any other complaints?" Arnin drew up a black and white contract. He took the black one and signed it while sending the white one to the stumbling old man.

The village elder fell onto his seat and took in a deep breath. He caught the contract and read each piece of information carefully. Surprise filled his eyes when he read the demand. He knew the type of contract that was given to him and how deadly it was. He looked deeply at Arnin and signed his name on the contract.

"I read through the contract and know that if you go back on your word, you will suffer tremendous punishment. I don't know why you want me to give you tips about cultivation, but since I have already signed then I can only do just that." The village elder reluctantly sent the contract back to Arnin, who happily stuffed it in his robe.

"Old man, since we are now in business, let's start right away. I will cure your granddaughter in front of you today so that you can train me tonight and tomorrow. I need a breakthrough by tomorrow, so you better not fail me." Arnin spoke to the village elder as if he was the leader speaking to a subordinate. The village elder released a self-pitying laugh before sending his granddaughter towards Arnin.

"Well let's begin then!"


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