The Dark Demon Lord
7 Curing the Granddaughter
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The Dark Demon Lord
Author :SN_Collier
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7 Curing the Granddaughter

The youngest granddaughter, who was around the same age as Arnin, walked forward. Her beautiful black hair gently laid on her back as her face became red with anger. She didn't have a good impression of Arnin because of what he did to her grandfather. Although she didn't know about her ailment in detail, she couldn't believe that a five-year-old boy could help her. As she got closer, she was able to get a better look at the dashing young man that exuded the aura of a tyrant. His deep black eyes that even looked red at times mixed with his black-grey hair caused him to look like a handsome demon. The three tattoos on his forehead were especially beautiful, making Arnin seem much more charming. The youngest granddaughter's heart couldn't help but tremble slightly at the sight. Arnin's devilish looks were just too attractive, causing her face to heat up.

"What is your name?" Arnin ignored the reaction the girl had towards him. He just wanted to quickly complete his side of the deal so that he could begin training. Although, the girl was beautiful, he had seen many beautiful things in his past life as a Demon Lord.

"Her name is Lilise! Stop asking unnecessary questions and just do what we agreed on, brat!" The elder was still fuming at Arnin's attitude. He just wanted to quickly complete the contract so he wouldn't have to meet Arnin again. "Remember, I am only allowing you to help her, if anything unexpected happens, I will interfere and you will lose your life!" The old man looked seriously at Arnin with his eyes glinting with murderous intent.

Arnin had Lilise sit beside him while he lifted her hand to check her pulse. Lilise was blushing slightly and kept her head down. She only snuck glances at her angry grandpa and the good looking Arnin. After checking her pulse, Arnin used his own threads to infiltrate her body, for a more thorough inspection. Lilise gave out a shriek as her body started to feel like it was being grabbed from everywhere. Tears surfaced in her eyes as she looked at her grandpa for help.

"Don't disturb me right now. This is a crucial moment, if anything happens then her orb could be further damaged. Lilise, just bear with it for a bit. After I am done you should be cured." Without even lifting his head or opening up his eyes, Arnin stopped the village elder from interfering and helped Lilise calm down. Yet when he said that he would be able to cure her, both the elder and the two girls were very surprised. Although they felt happy, they were skeptical about the whole situation. Arnin was only five-years-old. Could he really cure Lilise of her condition? Even though the ailment was not incurable and a treatment could be found if one went to the city, it still wasn't as easy as Arnin made it seem.

Inside Lilise's body, Arnin's threads were feeding essence to her orb. A worm-like mark on the orb brightened as its size became excessively large. This was the problem the prevented Lilise from cultivating her orb. The solution that Arnin thought of was to feed the worm his threads, bloating it, until it cannot digest anymore. Then, his mental energy would drag that worm into his own body. Arnin was not nice enough to sacrifice his own body for another's, but since he was foreign to this world, he wanted a closer look on how the orb reacts to ailments. It could further improve his cultivation.

Thirty minutes went by very slowly for the family of three, Lilise's pale face was still burning because of Arnin's threads inside her body. The old man and the other granddaughter were quietly watching everything happen, not daring to breathe too loud. Suddenly, a blue hue encompassed Lilise, causing her pale face to become more rosy. Her sweat precipitated into the air like smoke. Arnin's closed eyes opened up and he nodded towards the old man.

"Her condition is now stable and she should be able to cultivate like normal people soon. The only problem is that she is not in any power realm and needs help to achieve Orb Birth - Earth before cultivating. I think you can accomplish that much at least?" Arnin nonchalantly concluded the treatment as he leaned back and closed his eyes again. Although he was powerful in his past life, with his new power still in infancy, he would get exhausted easily. Lilise opened her eyes and found Arnin resting on his seat. She felt her face blush when she thought of the treatment and couldn't help but take another look at his enticing tattoos. She got up and ran towards the stairs, leaving her sister and grandpa behind.

"Grandpa, I am going to go with Lilise, you can continue what you were doing here." Lilise's sister smiled towards the old man before giving Arnin a deep glance. She didn't notice a slight flush on her face before she chased her sister. The old man gave a low sigh before smiling towards the resting Arnin. Now when he looked at him, there was no killing intent or fury, rather it was gratefulness and satisfaction.

"Arnin, although you are a disrespectful brat that needs to be beaten for indecency and- *cough*, I mean thank you. Because of you, my Lilise can now cultivate like others, for that thank you. Let's start your training right away!" The old man held himself together before finally completing his sentence. Although his granddaughter was treated, he didn't want Arnin staying for too long or he might not be able to keep his sanity.

"Old man, since I helped you, you better not fail your part. I cured your Lilise, but I can also bring her condition back and make it much worse. Let's got to a bigger area, take me to your back training ground. You do have one, right?" Arnin walked himself towards the training ground. He already discovered where it was when he scanned his surroundings. The elder helplessly shook his head because of Arnin's attitude. He didn't like it, but atleast Arnin wasn't licking his boots like many others.


Inside a large room with many dolls and a large bed, Lilise was laying with her face fully red. In her mind, Arnin's face and tattoos kept on appearing, causing her to be even more flustered. Suddenly, her room door opened up and her older sister walked in.

"Sis Elidia, why are you here? Shouldn't you be with grandpa?" Lilise collected herself and spoke silently to her sister. She didn't lift her head to look at Elidia because she didn't want her sister to see her expression.

"Lilise, why did you run off?" Elidia looked at Lilise teasingly. In the world of Afloria, children would mature at a much quicker rate and live longer because of the large amount of essence in the air. Especially for wealthy children or people in higher societal ranks, they would have to grow up quick because of the high competition. Most children in Afloria had a mindset that was a couple years older than that of a normal person. Arnin was a special case because he acted very differently than children his age. The village elder saw that he was different when he first came to the gathering and the way he exposed Lilise's ailment did not seem like something a five year old could do.

"Sis, I don't know why. Just forget about it. Is grandpa going to the training ground with..." Lilise stared at the training ground out her window happily at the mention of Arnin. Elidia shook her head before grabbing her sister's hand and walking out the door.

"Let's go watch grandpa train with that boy. You can probably get some enlightenment before you start your own training." Elidia continued to tease Lilise.

As they approached the large training ground which was covered in large trees and dummies, they felt a sinister aura in the air. Lilise could faintly see a black thread slithering in the air. This thread connected to other threads, flowing towards a boy. The boy's three tattoos were giving off a grey light while his short, dark hair fluttered in the air. His eyes were closed tightly while on the side, her grandpa watched with wide eyes.

Lilise walked towards her grandpa with Elidia. "Grandpa, what are those black threads around Arnin's body? What are you guys doing? This aura feels scary!" Lilise hugged the elder's arms before asking her questions. The old man was about to answer when he saw Arnin open up his eyes which had a red streak that was now very visible.

"Old man, I just advanced into the next realm, Orb Birth - Sky. Spar with me!" Arnin was very surprised that he was able to rank up without the old man's help. He knew that he still needed some time before he would breakthrough, but surprisingly the worm-like mark that he absorbed from Lilise's body provided him with a large amount of essence, rushing him into a breakthrough. When he was about to begin training, all the essence inside the mark suddenly gushed out, filling every part of Arnin's body. Arnin thought that the reason it exploded now was because of how much he bloated it during the treatment.

The old man was gaping with his two granddaughters, his hairs rose when he thought of the sinister aura that Arnin released. On the other hand, Lilise's eyes were sparkling greatly.

"Old man, spar with me! I need to familiarize myself with this new realm." The village elder composed himself before slowly walking towards Arnin. He released some of his strength, but kept it on the same level as Arnin's.

Arnin vanished in front of their eyes before reappearing behind the old man. He swung his fist towards the old man's head, but he missed and hit thin air. The old man appeared behind Arnin and aimed for his back, however Arnin vanished from his sight. Arnin arrived back to where he was with his back drenched in cold sweat. There was a large hole in his clothes, luckily the bruise was not bleeding.

"Arnin, you really are something. I was using Orb Birth - Hell strength just to match you. Come here and let me see that bruise. Elidia can you go and grab me some ointment." The elder quickly instructed Elidia before turning and staring at Arnin. He felt that if he didn't increase his strength, he would have been seriously injured with Arnin's first strike.

Arnin walked over and took his tunic off. Lilise blushed before turning her head around. Arnin smirked at her action and was about to walk over when the village elder gave him a stern look. The bruise on his back was slightly purple, but it didn't bother him too much. It was only slightly painful.

"Arnin, you are very powerful for someone your age, so much so that you will be considered a Demon like talent anywhere you go. Since you have such great talent, I was wondering if you would like to attend an Orb Cultivation academy with my two granddaughters?"


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