The Dark Demon Lord
9 Five Day Training Begins
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The Dark Demon Lord
Author :SN_Collier
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9 Five Day Training Begins

The village elder spat out a small amount of blood from his mouth. He didn't look severely injured but his face was pale and he looked weak. Everyone was silent because of shock. Who could imagine a five-year-old beating an old warrior in a single hit? Even though the old man reduced his strength, the battle experience was still there.

Arnin didn't think too greatly about his own battle strength because he had over a hundred million years of experience. He was the strongest warrior and could still be the strongest if he undid his seal. This win was an easy one which made him think that he could even possibly beat an Orb Birth - Heaven warrior, however he did not want to show all of his cards too early. As everyone stood in shock, the village elder got up slowly with his body swaying. He held his pounding head before walking towards Arnin. He lifted his hand and patted Arnin's head.

"If I knew you were this strong, I would have bumped my power to Orb Birth - Heaven, or even Essence Manifest - Earth. You are a great talent, the greatest I have ever seen or heard of. I am going to head home and recover, I will come back in five days to pick you up. We will head to the academy then." With that said, the village elder turned around and began to walk back from where he came from. Elidia took a quick look before following behind him. Lilise, on the other hand, was somewhat reluctant to leave. The village elder noticed this and exposed a somewhat bitter smile. Why would she want to stay around such a brat?

"Also, Arnin I am going to leave Lilise here with you and your family. Please help her cultivate to Orb Birth - Earth before the trip. Thanks!" The old man quickly left, leaving Arnin gaping. Even though Lilise was five, because of her maturity she had some insight towards relationships between a man and woman. Although she found herself blushing in front of Arnin, she still couldn't fully understand how she felt. Ashia and Florian noticed Lilise's expression and understood immediately. They were surprised that such a young girl would start to develop feelings for the cold and aloof Arnin. Both of them however did not mind the presence of Lilise. They were given some financial aid from Avian, who was now the master of Nekaia, so food was not a problem.

"Arnin, make sure to help little Lilise cultivate well! You better not go off and do your own thing again! Nekaia dear, make sure Arnin trains Lilise well." Ashia said her piece before walking into the house with a smile. She was extremely pleased that people found her son attractive or atleast, likable. Which mother wouldn't be happy about her own children's popularity? Arnin sighed before walking towards Avian.

"So you're from a powerful family? I should have made more demands from you. What a waste!" Arnin impolitely stated his thoughts before walking away, with Lilise following behind. Nekaia, who now liked Avian very much, gave her a hug before following behind Arnin. She waved back as she got further away which caused Avian to smile.


Arnin and the two girls reached a shaded area. It was an open area with many houses and trees surrounding it. This was the place that Arnin practiced the most, making it the ideal ground for the girls' training. It wasn't crowded and was a good distance away from his home. The shade kept the area cool, which allowed them to practice for a longer period of time. He decided that since he had to help Lilise break into the Orb Birth - Earth realm, he would take her to his own training ground. Because Nekaia was tagging along as well, he would try to help her reach the peak of Orb Birth - Earth.

He had already thought of a training plan for Lilise and Nekaia. Of course the one for Lilise would be less extreme because she wasn't even at Orb Birth - Earth realm. He had both girls stand on two different sides of the training area. He, as the teacher, stood in the middle so that he could give them directions at the same time.

The first step was a physical warm up. First he had them do stretches for their legs, arms, back, and other major body parts. Next, he made them do physical enhancement exercises such as pushups, situps, jogging, and many more. Nekaia found them to be easier to do then Lilise because she was already in the realm, Orb Birth - Earth, which made her stamina higher than that of Lilise. Her face was pale and beads of sweat poured down her face like a waterfall. She was extremely tired, but Arnin wouldn't let her rest any time soon. He would make her feel like she was running on fire by prickling her feet with his orb threads, which kept her going.

Nekaia didn't get it any better, rather she was treated even worse. Her clothes were completely drenched, her hair in a complete mess. She inwardly cursed Arnin and the village elder for her current appearance. If the elder didn't make Arnin train Lilise, then she could have been at home with her parents and master, but now she was basically bathing in her own sweat. Disgusting!

Arnin pretended he didn't notice the expression of the two girls and continued to lead them through their practice. After they finished with physical training, he allowed both girls to rest for a few minutes.

"Lilise, I am going to help you in a bit, so you can wait in the corner. Nekaia, come here. I am going to start with you!" Arnin didn't show any of the care that he previously would have. He beckoned for Nekaia, who snorted angrily and walked over. She limped her way towards Arnin before glaring at him.

"My dictator brother, please tell me, your mistreated slave, what to do!" Arnin was flabbergasted by the way Nekaia spoke. He couldn't help but release a small chuckle. However, with Nekaia's icy stare that felt like needles all over his body, he pulled himself together and coughed ever so slightly.

"Nekaia, since you have already located where your orb is, I am going to show you a method that brings essence into your body. It may not be the best method, but it will do for now." Arnin decided to teach Nekaia his method of collecting essence from the world. It helped him progress quickly through the earth realm, so he didn't think it would be a terrible method.

Nekaia sat down cross legged before Arnin grabbed both of her hands. He released orb threads into her body which caused her to quiver. The threads made their way to her orb and started to disappear. A small red symbol appeared on Nekaia's snow white orb. The red symbol brightened until strands of different colors entered Nekaia's body. These strands were the essence of the world and that symbol acted like a vacuum that sucked the essence into the orb.

Arnin retracted his hands and allowed Nekaia to slowly absorb the essence and understand the mark. He couldn't provide her with help during this phase because it would all depend on her own comprehension ability. Arnin got up and walked towards the resting Lilise. Her face was more energized then it was before he helped Nekaia.

"Lilise, since we need to get you to Orb Birth - Earth, you are going to have to follow my every instruction. Some things may be extreme, but it is the best I can do in five days time." Arnin seriously explained to Lilise.

The first task for Lilise do was some breathing exercises. He had her breath in and hold for a minute and then release, slowly. She had to do this continuously and slowly increase the time she held her breath for. This went on for half an hour, which was Lilise's limit. She was only able to do it a little more than twenty rotations, and could barely hold her breath for two minutes. This wasn't bad for someone who wasn't even in a power realm, so Arnin didn't have much to say.

The next step required Lilise to let Arnin strengthen each individual part of her body. Other then her internal organs, Arnin needed to provide essence into the arms, legs, chest and back, head, hands and feet. This process would take three days to complete and after it was done, Lilise would have the same physical strength as an Orb Birth - Earth realm cultivator.

"Lilise, I am going to need you to lay down on the ground for me. Remember, whatever I do requires you to be absolutely still. Got it?" Lilise nodded her head before laying straight onto the cold, hard ground. Arnin decided to start from her lower body and make his way towards the head. First, he grabbed her left leg and lifted it up. Lilise shook slightly before she closed her pretty blues eyes tightly. Her faced blushed slightly, but she tried to hold in any sound that would come out of her mouth.

Arnin directly inserted some orb threads into her left foot and spread them out inside her blood vessels. He added little symbols that resembled the one on Nekaia's orb, but this time the color was green. The symbols spread throughout the whole left foot, allowing Arnin to access more areas inside her foot. This lasted an hour before he repeated the process on the other foot. When he finished both feet, Lilise felt them with her hand and gasped in shock. They were softer and felt stronger than before.

Nekaia also woke up at this time and walked towards Arnin. Her azure eyes looked at Arnin, who was sitting beside the flustered Lilise, with a smile. Although, she didn't reach the peak of Orb Birth - Earth, she felt that it wasn't too far away. Nekaia felt that she might even be able to break into Orb Birth - Sky by the end of the five days.

"Nekaia, since you have done some of your training I am going to help strengthen your body to another level. This will help you cultivate more quickly and would make you stronger than a person in the same realm as you. Here sit down beside Lilise for me." Lilise pouted when she heard that Nekaia would be receiving the strengthening process as well. Nekaia, on the other hand, was very excited. She really wanted to cultivate much faster and catch up with Arnin.

Arnin had Nekaia lay down and repeated the same process with her two feet. This time, the process lasted an hour longer. The reason behind this was because Nekaia already achieved Orb Birth - Earth, so strengthening it to a higher level would require more time and energy. The sun started to set, which marked the end of the day, however Arnin planned to continue in his home, but this time he needed to have the two girls dip in a medicinal bath. The medicinal bath would help nourish their and cleanse their bodies. The bath would even help rapidly increase strength if enough impurities were cleared, however the problem was that Arnin did not have any medicine to use.


The three children arrived home and noticed Ashia and Florian waiting outside with smiles. Lilise would be staying with the Foro family until departure so Ashia wanted to make sure that Lilise did not feel uncomfortable.

"Mom, would you mind preparing two baths for me? It's for their training." Arnin requested his mother to help him with the menial tasks because it would only take her a few minutes. He still needed to prepare some other things for the bath. He asked Florian to show him all the medicine that they currently had however Arnin guessed right; they had none. Arnin couldn't make a real medicinal bath, but from his past knowledge on medicinal baths and cultivation resources, he was able to create different type of bath with a few simple steps. He first needed the blood of the people going into the bath, then needed to combine the blood with worldly essence. That blood would change colour depending on the person blood. It would turn into a new liquid that could only be used by the individual that the blood originally belonged to. The next step was to mix that new liquid with something demonic or negative. That substance would help eradicate any waste inside the body, helping with a good cleansing. The process was simple and the bath was effective, however it was not considered a medicinal bath. A medicinal bath always needed medicine and herbs for it to be labeled as a medicinal bath.

Arnin called the two girls over and had them pour some of their own blood into two seperate bowls. He then tried to manipulate as much of the essence of the world and inserted it into the two blood bowls. The blood inside the left bowl, which contained Nekaia's blood, turned extremely white. A coldness was being emitted from the new liquid, which somewhat surprised Arnin. The blood in the right bowl, which contained Lilise's blood, also turned white, but there was a hint of black in the middle.

Arnin knew that the reason everyone had different liquid colors was because it helped to point out one's talent. Although it wasn't the most accurate type of talent measurement. In Arnin's old world it was commonly used by poor villages and poor people who could not afford a proper talent test. White meant high talent, blue meant passable talent, while purple meant no talent. Nekaia had extremely high talent which was a little higher than Arnin expected. In his past life, Arnin got wasn't able to understand his own talent because the color came out to be black. It was the first black to appear, so no one knew the height of his talent. Back then, Arnin had thought that he would never see anyone with a black colored liquid other then himself. Now, he was able to see someone with a hint of black, which made him extremely shocked.

Arnin pulled himself out of his trance before deeply looking at Lilise. Arnin shook his head before continuing with the final step; adding something demonic or negative. As a past demon lord, Arnin had the ability to control negative emotions and power. His main power was one of the most demonic ones out there, however he wanted to add the negativity of the individual. Since Arnin's original power was still sealed, he would not be able to control demonic or negative energy, so he could only have the two girls try to insert it themselves.

"Nekaia, Lilise, I want both of you to stand in front of your blood and hover your hands on top. Then, think of the most evil or bad thing that you can, try your worst nightmare or anything like that." Nekaia and Lilise nodded before following the instructions given to them. Half an hour went by, but their facial expressions stayed the same. Suddenly, Nekaia's face contorted. Tears began to silently slide down her cheek which landed in the white liquid. Red surfaced on the liquid, causing it to get darker. Ten minutes later, the white liquid turned crimson red and Nekaia began to get dizzy. Arnin quickly caught hold of her and laid her down on the ground.

"Arnin, I saw d-demons, lots of demons! They were d-d-dying one by one, leaving me alone, but then I was c-caught by another large demon and was thrown in front of a group of m-monsters. They were doing bad t-things to me!" Nekaia cried loudly with a frightened look longer face before tightly embracing the stunned Arnin.


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