The Dark Demon Lord
13 Orb Birth - Sky vs Orb Birth- Heaven
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The Dark Demon Lord
Author :SN_Collier
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13 Orb Birth - Sky vs Orb Birth- Heaven

The parents of the child got up together. The father took the seven-year-old in his arms as he began to calm him down. The mother, on the other hand, released all of her aura as she walked towards Arnin. The aura she released was higher than Arnin's, but it wasn't in the Essence Manifest realm yet. The woman was in Orb Birth - Heaven, and not only that, it seemed like she was at the peak of the realm. Arnin wasn't flustered in any way because he had always wanted to fight an Orb Birth - Heaven cultivator. It would help him understand how far he could go with his current strength.

Uvan watched silently without showing any effort to interfere. He also didn't like the way Arnin handled the situation, but because of Avian, he couldn't berate him either. His only option was to let Arnin handle the woman himself. He would only interfere if things looked really bad.

An Orb Birth - Sky vs an Orb Birth - Heaven. This was an unexpected match, but many of the children became extremely excited. A particular group of three were horrified by the scene in front of them. Granny Varena and her two grandchildren, Vizran and Navo, were watching Arnin from the side, silently. Granny looked at Arnin with mixed feelings. She didn't like what Arnin did but because he was Ashia's son, she still wanted to help him.

"Miss Orsesa, would you mind letting little Arnin off just thi-" Before Granny Varena could even finish her sentence, the mother, who was supposedly named Orsesa, gave her a glare. There was an intense amount of murderous intent filled in the gaze, which caused Granny Varena to take a couple steps back.

"So, your name is Orsesa? Well stop picking on others and just concentrate on me! Just like your son, seems like you want to waste my time as well. Granny Varena, it's alright. I will handle these kitties soon." Arnin mocked the mother and even taunted her, causing Orsesa to become extremely mad. Granny Varena was silent and looked at Arnin without saying a word. She loved Arnin, but she couldn't help him because he was in the wrong.

"Arnin, which I presume is your name, let's begin. Don't go crying to your mom when I completely cripple you!" Orsesa snickered before launching her first attack. Everyone was surprised that Orsesa took the initiative, but no one said anything about it. Arnin was in the wrong, and his attitude also made them very angry.

Orsesa didn't try to sneak behind Arnin, rather she made a clear frontal assault. Her speed was much quicker than that of the village elder when he was in Orb Birth - Hell mode, however, Arnin wasn't too surprised. He just took a deep breath before narrowing his eyes and concentrating on Orsesa. A red light sparked in his eyes, but no one noticed it at that moment. They were too busy watching Orsesa rush towards Arnin with unimaginable speed. Most people watching were Orb Birth - Earth, with some being Orb Birth - Sky, this excluded Uvan, and the seven year old's father. Orsesa reached Arnin before grabbing towards his arms. In her mind, Arnin was only at Orb Birth - Sky so he wouldn't be able to counter any of her moves, but she could only blame herself for underestimating Arnin from the beginning. A hand caught her own and another hand quickly grabbed her neck. As she was lifted into the air, her eyes widely looked at Arnin who scornfully smiled at her. Orsesa quickly calmed down before grabbing Arnin's hands and inserting orb threads into his blood. Arnin's hands felt numb before his grip on Orsesa weakened enough to allow her to escape.

"That was a good trick! I didn't think you could use the orb threads like that. Haha!" Arnin was excited to find new methods to use the threads. He didn't think it could be used for direct attacks, but now that he knew he would be able to increase his battle strength two-fold.

Arnin didn't allow her to attack first this time, rather he rushed towards her and slowly released some threads. The threads crept towards her legs before he jumped into the air. Orsesa tried to jump aside, but her legs were numb, which made her movements extremely slow. She was shocked at how quickly and suddenly she was trapped. Arnin landed hard on her legs, causing Orsesa to scream out loud. He tried to grab her hair, but he was punched away by the disheveled woman. Her hair was in a mess, and she was limping because of her legs. Arnin smiled towards her before directing his threads out once more. Orsesa was blazing before she gathered a small number of threads around her injured leg. The pain numbed which allowed her to regain proper movement.

"Another trick? Hmm, if you could numb a part of a body, can you.." Arnin thought of an idea when he saw how Orsesa was able to numb a part of her body. If she could numb it, then couldn't he try to strengthen it? But how was he going to do that? With Orsesa trying to catch her breath, Arnin was able to test out some things very quickly. He inserted some of his threads in the blood around his hands, but he only felt numbness. He tried to increase the number of threads, but that only caused more numbness. Just as he was going to try something else, Orsesa rushed towards him one more time. She vanished from his sight and appeared behind him. This time she didn't try to grab him, she only went straight for a punch. Arnin stood there with his eyes closed, he directed his threads towards his back in order to numb it. He wanted to see whether he could reduce any of the damage or pain. The punch landed directly on his back, causing the spectators to turn their heads away in fright. Arnin was blasted off his feet, but he felt very little pain from his back. While in the air, he smiled slightly before coughing a small amount of blood. The damage was reduced slightly, which made Arnin extremely happy. He turned his body around in midair, only to see Orsesa right in front of him. Her face was malicious, but Arnin only smirked. Just as she was about to reach him, he kicked his foot into her face and moved further back. Orsesa had dirt all over her face, and there was even a footprint. She was enraged even further, but Arnin continued to smile. When he landed on the ground, he numbed both his hands with the threads and rushed towards her with lightning speed.

"What speed is this? It's even faster than Miss Orsesa's!" All the people were alarmed at Arnin's speed. It was much quicker than before and even reached a limit faster then Orsesa's.

Orsesa was horrified but held her position like a rock; unmoving. In front of her was the swift Arnin, but suddenly he disappeared like smoke. She felt pain on her back before being launched into the air. Her head turned, only to see nothing there. She felt another burst of pain on her left cheek before being blown back once again. Arnin held nothing back and attacked her from all directions. Orsesa spat out blood whenever she got hit, her consciousness slowly blurred. She cursed Arnin in her mind before taking the last hit without any resistance. She was kicked beside the father and the seven-year-old. She was unconscious and there were bruises all over her face and body. Arnin gracefully landed further back and looked at the unconscious Orsesa with a smile.

"That was a fun spar. When you wake up, please do come find me" Arnin dusted himself off before walking towards the exit. He walked by Uvan and gave a look. "I lost my interest, so take this coin for now. I will be back again, so you better not run away or do something stupid." Arnin tossed a coin towards Uvan before walking off.

The father quickly kneeled before Orsesa and checked her pulse. When he found nothing wrong with it, he sighed in relief before picking her up. He looked at Arnin with an intense amount of hatred.

"Little kid, you are lucky that my wife and child are injured. If they weren't, I would have ended your life right now!" The father whispered to himself and disappeared from everyone's sight. Arnin had a chilling smile when he finally vanished as well.

When Arnin finally left, everyone started to discuss what happened with astonishment. An Orb Birth - Sky cultivator beat an Orb Birth - Heaven cultivator? How was that even possible? People were still very flustered because of the events, but they could only accept the truth that they saw with their own eyes. Conversations were erupting everywhere, however, three people were silently standing and looking at the direction Arnin left in.

"Navo, Vizran, I don't know why Arnin is like this, but I want both of you to ignore what has happened today. Try to keep a distance from him and do not get on his bad side. I will speak to Ashia about today's events." Granny Varena did not wish for her grandchildren to fall under any bad circumstances because of Arnin's actions or even be hurt by him. She was frightened by his actions, but because of her relationship with Ashia, she couldn't hate Arnin. Although she thought it was his fault, she couldn't completely hate him.


Arnin was walking with blood stains and his clothes in tatters. He wasn't seriously injured or had any deep wounds, but he got punched around enough for him to spill some blood. However, Arnin didn't care about any of these things. He was fully engrossed in the threads inside his body. During the fight, he learned a new use of the threads and even thought of ways to implement them in different ways.

While walking, he was trying to figure out how to strengthen his body rather than numb it. The threads could go into the blood and stop movement, which would cause some numbness. If more threads were added, then they could even reach the nerves, which would amplify that numbness. However, he still couldn't figure out a way to strengthen his body parts. Suddenly, Arnin stopped walking and a thought crossed his mind. He strengthened Lilise's body with his threads by placing symbols in her blood vessels. Those symbols, like a vacuum, absorbed worldly essence which then strengthened the body to a new level. However, this strengthening would take a long time because it would be permanent. Arnin created the symbols once more and started to gather them onto his right hand, however it was still slow. Arnin thought for a long time before thinking of another possible solution. What if he added the symbols directly onto a portion of his orb threads? Then couldn't he strengthen the area that the threads pass through for a short period of time?

Without even knowing, Arnin reached his home. He got out of his trance and found Ashia and Florian putting clothes on a line. Lilise and Nekaia were nowhere to be seen. Ashia bent down to grab another wet piece of clothing when she saw something on from the corner of her eyes. She turned her head and found a bloody and tattered Arnin. Her eyes widened before she rushed towards him.

"ARNIN!" She screamed. Her eyes were already watery when she reached him. Florian heard her scream and when he saw the scene, he darted towards Arnin with a heavy heart. Nekaia and Lilise who weren't seen before rushed out of the house and saw Arnin's state, almost tripping over themselves. Arnin was surprised because of everyone's reaction, but when he looked down and saw how he looked, he released a sigh. He completely forgot that he was in a 'bad' state. Ashia reached Arnin and began to inspect his body. Her red eyes were misty, which hindered her inspection. Florian noticed and moved Ashia aside. He did the inspection and tried to see if there were any major injuries. Arnin was stripped by his parents, but he didn't think much about it. He was five years old. His dirt and blood covered shirt was thrown onto the ground by Florian, who used a clean cloth to wipe the sweat and blood off him. After Arnin was slightly cleaned by the cloth, Florian began another small inspection, but couldn't find anything major. There were a couple of bruises, but nothing serious. Florian also released some of his orb threads into Arnin's body just to make sure nothing was wrong inside of him. He sighed in relief when nothing was found.

"Arnin, what happened? Who did this to you? Tell dad and I will go teach them a lesson!" Florian was furious. He wanted to go and find the person who put his son in such a condition. He didn't question whether it was someone else who hurt him or if it was just an accident. The bruises looked like wounds from a fight, so he didn't need to ask.

"Arnin dear, tell mom what happened. Who did this to you?" Ashia tightly hugged Arnin and questioned what happened. Arnin just shook his head and shrugged his shoulders.

"Mom, dad, it was nothing. I just sparred with someone, so I have slight injuries. It is nothing too bad. If someone really wanted to hurt me, would I only have light bruises?" Arnin's question stumped both parents and made them embarrassingly cough. Of course, they knew about spars between children. It was very common to get injuries during a spar, so what Arnin said was reasonable. Florian calmed down and dragged Arnin to the bath area.

"Arnin, since you are here and dirty, come take a bath. Let your dad give you one." Florian smiled before pulling Arnin away. Ashia was left with Nekaia and Lilise in front of the house. Ashia laughed before wiping her eyes that were filled with tears that didn't drop. She took a deep breath before walking back to the clothes.

"Nekaia, Lilise, make sure that when you train with Arnin, do not let him do anything too strenuous. If anything happens, tell me immediately. Also, try to ask him about the spar if possible because I have a feeling he is hiding something." Ashia was feeling uneasy about the whole spar thing. Arnin was already much stronger than any of the children in the village, so he wouldn't need to spar anyone his age, let alone get injured. That only left the older generation of the village. Arnin was stronger than Orb Birth - Hell cultivators, at least he was able to defeat the village elder in one hit when he was in Orb Birth - Hell, so the person he 'sparred' with was most likely high ranked in the village. But who?

Ashia was distracted and didn't notice that Nekaia and Lilise already left. While she was putting up the clothes, Granny Varena arrived with her two grandchildren. Ashia was oblivious to their arrival so she couldn't go and receive them.

"Little Ashia, are you busy? I need to speak with you." Granny Varena walked closer and spoke in a somewhat reserved manner. Ashia turned around and smiled gently towards her.

"Aunt Varena, I am sorry, I didn't see you there. No, I am not busy, so of course we can speak." Ashia smiled at Aunt Varena and the two children. She wiped her forehead before taking Aunt Varena to the clean grass. Both women sat down with the children, but aunt Varena had a serious expression.

"What is it, aunty? Did something happen?" Ashia got worried and questioned. Aunt Varena took a deep breath before speaking.

"I want to talk about what happened today at the lessons. Arnin was there as well and this is about him. Has he come home yet?" Ashia nodded slightly before gesturing towards the bath area.

"So he is already here? Well, you probably saw him in a tattered state, right? I am here to talk to you about that. Today at the lessons..." Aunt Varena slowly recalled the events with some fear and worry. Ashia felt like she was struck with lightning. She grabbed her head with one hand while the other was placed on her chest. Both her head and heart felt like they were tearing slowly. Ashia couldn't help but breath rapidly before her eyes shut and she blacked out.


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