The Dharma Riddle
8 Chapter 8: A Short Stop
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The Dharma Riddle
Author :jyunpey
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8 Chapter 8: A Short Stop

The caravan continued their journey and they reached Junai, a mid-sized city, after three days of time.

The caravan entered through the city gates shortly before nightfall. The group decided to take a one day break and meet up the day after tomorrow in front of the city gate they entered from at sunrise.

The big mercenary group took the bandits to the nearest public security office to hand them over to the authorities.

Melissa's group went towards the central district with Kael as entourage and entered a well-maintained inn. She paid for two two-bed rooms for two nights and they entered their respective rooms. Kael shared a room with Johann, while mother and daughter shared the other. Kael dropped off his luggage and took off his leather armor, only wearing a brownish, tight undershirt and grey wool underpants.

"Sir Kael. As ordered by milady I prepared some clothes for you as a token of our gratitude." Johann stepped forward and handed a set of new clothes to Kael. Kael thanked the man and took off his undershirt. His body was on the thin side, but his muscle contours were clear and well defined. Johann saw a strange seven colored pattern on Kael's back. It had a curved elegant design, the differently colored motifs intertwining together, enclosing another entirely black pattern at their center. The black pattern looked entirely different from the elegant tattoo, with sharp edges, and looked like the face of an unknown animal. It was no breed Johann recognized, but it had and vicious and malicious feel to it. The patterns spread from the top of his shoulder blades all the way down his back, disappearing into the underpants. Johann had never seen anything like this before.

Kael quickly changed into the new clothes and checked his outfit with a satisfied smile. It was a relatively simple outfit. A tight white shirt with a wide, V-shaped neckline and long sleeves. Simple brown pants held by a brown leather belt finished by simple brown leather boots. He turned towards Johann and thanked him. "Tell your madam I'm thankful for this gift."

"This is just a meager expression of our gratitude, no need for thanks." Johann smiled and asked cautiously, "If Sir doesn't mind I'd like to ask about the pattern on your back."

"Drop the honorifics, I'm no noble. The pattern on my back is something I acquired back at the temple. It's just a simple meditation chart that's supposed to help me focus during cultivation and generate qi." Kael smiled and answered.

"Ohh. So that's how it is. Please excuse my rude question." Johann expressed enlightenment. Kael waved in an uncaring manner and left the room, heading towards the public dining area. His intentions as clear as a day. He only entered the room late at night and directly went to his bed quickly dozing off.


He was awakened by Johann's invitation for breakfast the next dinner. He changed into his clothes and accompanied Johann to the dining area. When he entered the hall he saw Melissa and Kathrin already seated at a table in a corner. He took his seat and joined them on their meal.

"You don't have to protect us while we're in Junai, but we're planning to take a stroll through the city while we're here. If you're free we'd like to invite you to join us." Melissa spoke up after eating.

"You're probably just going to stay here to drink all day otherwise anyways." Kathrin interjected.

"Kathrin." Melissa threw a glare at her daughter.

"What? You know I'm right." Kathrin disputed.

"That's true indeed. But I don't see a reason against sightseeing the city, while I got some time at my hands." Kael finally responded.

Kathrin glared at Kael. It was obvious that she was against the idea of Kael joining on their stroll.


They strolled the shopping district for a while and it became late noon quickly. Kathrin bought a few dresses and souvenirs she liked and Melissa bought utensils she deemed useful for their further journey.

'Pa' The group was on their way back towards the inn when a slapping sound rang out. They turned their attention to the source of the sound and saw a man staring down at a woman lying on the ground.

"Little slut. Give me back my money." The man shouted.

"You can't just take back your money after you finished your deed." The woman argued back. She wore revealing clothes and her face was masked by a thick layer of makeup.

"Which deed? It only took up a minute at most." The man fumed.

"Is it my fault that you're so easy to satisfy?" The woman taunted.

"You..." He raised his balled fist and threw it at her face. But before it could reach her someone caught his hand and threw it back.

"Do you feel powerful by attacking a helpless woman?" A youth in a white long sleeved-shirt stood in front of the woman and questioned.

"Who are you?" The man questioned.

"Just a simple passerby." The youth answered.

"Do you know who I am?" He questioned again.

"Why should I care?" The youth questioned back.

"I'm a high ranked official at the city governor's palace. Step down or you'll regret it." He began threatening.

"When did the emperor enact a law that allows officials to attack innocent citizen's for no reason?" The youth argued.

"Do you want to die?" The man's face fell and he threatened again.

"Ooh. You want to kill me with your meager skill?" The youth taunted.

"Guards bring him down and take him to the interrogation rooms." The man's face turned red and ordered. A group of men stepped out of the crowd and attacked the youth. The youth stood still at his spot dodging the incoming attacks by a slim margin every time and hitting the attackers on their heads with his open palm, slamming them into the ground. Quickly a group of bodies piled in front of him.

The man who gave the order stared with wide eyes. He retreated and while he ran away he left behind a threat. "You'll regret this brat."

The youth stepped forward and with a short few strides he reached the man and beat his face to a pulp. He searched through the man's clothes taking all of his valuables. He took of the man's clothes and threw them to the sides. He wrote a sentence onto the now naked man's chest with some charcoal. 'I like to hit helpless women.' He took the man's clothes and turned them into an expedient rope, tied up his hands and hung him up at a street lantern.

Then he went back to the woman and helped her up.

"Thank you. If you're interested I'd like to thank you at a more private place. I'll give you a discount." The woman gave a coquettish smile and leaned onto the youth.

"That sounds really intriguing." The youth returned the smile and laid a hand on the woman's waist.

"Kael. What are you doing?" A voice called out. Kathrin stepped out of the crowd and turned towards the youth.

The youth turned towards the girl and waved his free hand. "Go back to the inn without me, I'll return later."

"What are you going to do?" She asked with obvious annoyance in her tone.

The youth smirked widely and instead of answering he turned his face towards the woman in his arms and kissed her on the mouth.

"YOU..." The girl's face went beet red and she steamed. She felt as if she was slapped right into her face.


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