The Mars Wars
1 Prologue
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The Mars Wars
Author :Zedsdeadbaby
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1 Prologue

@@"I'm going to die here". Bombs dropped all around him, the acrid smell of smoke piercing the smell of blood and sweat that permeated the air.

"This is where I die," thought Kai Evans, a simple Terran Marine Corps Private. "I die in a bloody war zone that seems more like hell. Go figure."

"C'mon, man! We gotta fight or die!" The yelling was coming from the man next to Kai, his name was… Jenkins? "Come. On!" Jenkins suddenly pulled Kai off the ground, dragging him towards an entrenchment in the rocky surface of the moon.

"High stress levels detected." Kai's suit A.I. somehow managed to always sound smug, even now. "It is recommended that you take a minute to breath and calm down," The overly smug sounding robot went on.

Getting a little annoyed of listening to that overly calm voice while running for his life to the entrenchment, Kai muted his A.I.

And that's when the bullet pierced his skull, his head bursting into chunks, pieces of his brain splattering everywhere. He never saw it coming. But then again, no one really does, do they?

His death was painless. It was quite similar to the deaths of almost every single one of his fallen comrades. The war had been raging on for years, and the only accomplishment was more bodies to bury.



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