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The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse
Author :Khyffinir
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-1 Characters

Samuel - Our super powerful MC who can possibly develop a complex of God.

Mary - A woman who fights with everything to give security to her daughter Candsy. Maybe she'll be in love with Samuel.

Candsy - Mary's daughter and a super smart and funny little girl (the panicist in the world is still introverted and did not say much). He will make enough company for Samuel, who in turn spoils the girl by fulfilling his wishes.

Sofia & Christina Roger - (18 years old) Super intelligent and funny twin sisters, who lived as super-protective sisters of Samuel (only sisters with nothing else) helped him in some complicated situations because he is too lazy to solve. And always doing some damage at the base with their failed experiences (they created an invention that would help humanity).

Arthur - an unscrupulous man who will do everything to survive. Samuel had let him live after the first meeting. Just to observe their miserable life and have fun causing various situations to make their existence worse. Arthur holds Samuel's grudge against him and tried to harm him (without obvious success), not knowing that he himself wants to hinder control by others.


More characters will enter the story and I do not plan to create a harem for Samuel.

He has a fun personality after the changes he has undergone, but he still remembers what he suffered and only trusts fully in Mary and the little Candsy.

The world will not be easy to control obviously, many have been against it and many of those have tried to kill it and come to betray it. Needless to say, many will die and some of them with cockroach blood can survive for a while.

Your personality has become a kind of fun god that does not care about death. (In addition to Mary and Candsy that made him remain a human part).

Your powers are already too great. There have been some more and some evolutions. He will mainly be involved in research on the mutated, which he can build with their nuclei.

Make a profit with the STORE and establish your control. As he already has all the goods in the world and can get what he wants when he wants. He is half as great a threat as a port for salvation in this world.

It can help if you pay, but it can also end your survival if you irritate it.


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