The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse
1 Ch 01 - THE STORE
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The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse
Author :Khyffinir
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1 Ch 01 - THE STORE

[Year of 2020, September]

Today would be the day that all humans would not forget. A shock wave green mass spread by, it is not known whether it was an explosion or another accident.

Only despair spread the sky turned green in a matter of seconds. The screams of dread were heard everywhere. The World finally decided to stop human beings, ending with such as if they were a panties that infiltrated a healthy body.


I was looking at the sky at the time of the event. The wave passed by me and I felt it penetrate my soul, so I heard the sound.

<Ding> !!!

<Congratulations !!! You have been dismissed as the shopkeeper of your planet.>

<The world you know will receive a test of judgment for the misuse of the planet. The humans who survive the test will be considered worthy of continuing to exist.

"Fucking shit! Fucking shit ... fucking shit?" (Samuel-MC)

I was in panic no longer was enough the end of the world happening now I had a voice in my head. What a bad karma for that to happen, I thought to myself. I did not know that would be my salvation.


My name is Samuel McTyler, 16 years old.

I've always been the fat guy who suffered from bullying. He was wearing glasses, but he was far from intelligent. My grades were worse than bad.

I was in the lowest rank of society, but I never gave up and hoped to improve.

At the age of 10 my parents died and I went to live with my uncles who mistreated me just because they liked me. In march of this year I completed 16 years and I asked to be independent of them in a lawsuit, I won and I started to live alone tendop difficulties but going forward.


"Now I must think about what to do from today ... I feel that everything will get worse" (Samuel)

I should not have thought of that.

<Virus completely installed on the Planet>

<From now on infected humans have gone through their mutation>

<Infected humans attacked anything to feed themselves>

The cries of pain could be heard from all directions. I realized I was lucky not to get infected, but I did not know what to do. Even my future partner for my life gave the answer.

<I AM THE STORE. You still have no ability to survive, I recommend finding shelter before the chaos and opening the shopkeeper's reward>

<From now on you will be the center of this world for the survivors, you must strengthen yourself>

<Humans that have not been mutated have gained improved abilities and skills that challenge physics>

From that day my world changed. From the rubbish of society to the center of the world.


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