The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse
2 Ch 02 - Goodbye Fa
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The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse
Author :Khyffinir
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2 Ch 02 - Goodbye Fa

[Inside the room]

After the reminder of my companion THE SHOP. I went back to my room and locked myself.

The screams for help were constant outside the apartment I was in. The sound rang in my head again.

<Ding !!!>

<The shopkeeper of the new world must be the one who holds the power of all the merchandise in circulation>

<Getting Started Chest>

<Ding !!!> <Received> <Open the Chest>

In my head the sounds were constant and finally I could imagine a small gold trunk floating. So I thought I'd open it.

<Ding !!!>

<Congratulations to the Shopkeeper, now receive your gifts>

<Perfect Body Injection x1>

<Power Capacity (Unlimited) x1>

<Status x1>

<Exploration (Energy Base) x1>

<Mapping x1>

<Storage (Power Base) x1>

<The Shopkeeper has won great gifts. THE SHOP can help you with three missions to facilitate with the collection of goods>

<Mission 1: Using the Perfect Body Injection to have endurance>

<Mission 2: Use Mapping and Epoxing to detect all items on the planet thanks to Energy Capacity (Unlimited) and store>

<Mission 3: Have a large enough base (many warehouses) to create your super store in the world>

All the messages jumped in my mind and I had a slight headache, but for the information I would be very strong and the SHOP was helping me. I could not complain, but I was still afraid of screaming outside.

I decided to peek through the window, worse decision I've ever had, I've seen grotesque scenes, many things that I thought were humans already attacking and eating other uninfected humans.

Infected humans looked like an ugly, misshapen dummy. Bestial creatures that attack everything that moved.

I closed the curtain and decided to use the notifications I received. First was the injection.

I concentrated and a light shone in my hand. Then a syringe with blue liquid was in my pose, I was a little afraid but had no choice against what was outside.

I spit on my arm and the pain came. I did everything I could to not scream, even losing consciousness after three hours of torture.

Opening my eyes after suffering I noticed the different signs on my body.

Been low and fat before. Now I was six feet tall and my body was toned by muscles. My clothes ripped for not being the right size, I was impressed by the change.

"Holy shit ... I'm not that fat ball anymore ... HAHAHAHAHA" (Samuel)

There he came again.

<Ding !!!>

<Parabens Shopkeeper ... Mission 1: Complete ... Reward: Mastery with Firearms (Intermediate) x1; Gold Coins: 350>


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