The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse
3 Ch 03 - Everything is mine and nobody else
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The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse
Author :Khyffinir
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3 Ch 03 - Everything is mine and nobody else

After marveling at my new body super beautiful and strong. I went back to the notifications I had received.

I concentrated again and spoke in my mind. Status !!!

<Open Status>


Job: Shopkeeper

Gold Coins: 350


* Perfect body

* Power Capacity (Unlimited)

* Exploration

* Mapping

* Storage

* Mastery with Firearms (Intermediate)




It was not difficult to understand the information with the status. I realized that there were no such things as attributes and decided to question THE STORE.

"Why are there no attributes like strength, agility, and the rest?" (Samuel)

<Ding !!!>

<Human capacities can not be definite by numbers. Because humans constantly break their limits to survive.

<But there are injections in the SHOP that allow to increase the human capacities like strength, speed, intelligence and etc>

"HUM .. I understood ... How does SHOP work?" (Samuel) I asked about the operation since I am the shopkeeper.

<A SHOP is the place to buy anything you want as long as you have enough gold coins.

<Skills or improvements, everything can be bought in the store>

<I recommend completing Mission 2 as soon as possible and stopping all goods before they are looted>

Now that I received the notice from the STORE I remembered that I had to complete three missions and had done only one.

The skills I had to use were kind of self-explanatory. Concentrating I could see everything, <Mapping> + <Exploration> I could see the whole planet as if it were in front of me and all thanks to <Energy Capacity (Unlimited)>. By the way, that was my greatest power.

<Imagine the things that should be transported to the Warehouse and take all the goods of the planet>

I thought about it well and realized if I took it all the others would have nothing.

"If I take everything what other people have to do?" (Samuel) I asked the SHOP.

<Less than 20% of mankind survived the virus and was not infected. Many more were killed by the mutants and those who were injured became>

<Do not forget that you will be the center of this new world>

After the explanations of the LOJA I felt better and returned to work.

But I decided to leave some of the goods for now. If it was not taken soon I would have sinned later. I left some great super markets of the big cities still intact.

The information began to enter my mind.

<Cars x158>

<Firearms x200>

<Batteries x55>

<Firearms x72>

<Groceries x9800>

<Electronics x600>


Many things were put into the <Store> I could not tell the rightness or what they were, just knew that everything in the world was now mine.


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