The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse
4 Ch 04 - Categories and Courage to Survive
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The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse
Author :Khyffinir
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4 Ch 04 - Categories and Courage to Survive


I woke up in my room after trying to sleep without much success because of the information that kept coming. I asked THE SHOP, but it looks like it can be muted.

Checking the number of messages I was stunned that there was number 1 in front, but the zeros were afterwards interminable, I never thought that such a number existed.

While I was lost in thought ...

<Ding !!!>

<Parabens ... Mission 2: Complete ... Reward: <Elementary (Master) x1>; Vision Enhancement Injection (Extended) x1>; Gold Coins: 1,000>

It seems that the reward must have been even greater.

"Injection I imagine the utility ... Can you explain me the other and what are the ratings?" (Samuel) I wanted to take some doubts I had.

<Elementary is a very rare secondary job .. that can command the laws of nature like fire, water, electricity and etc. transforming the energy of the user>

<Work can evolve from improved knowledge and understanding of functions and skills: Apprentice; Beginner; Adept; Master; Grand Master; Sovereign and Monarch>

<Enhancement injections are divided into categories: Low; Intermediate; Advanced; Superior and Perfect>

<Skills are divided into: Lower; Basic; Intermediaries; Advanced; Superiors and Domination>

By the explanation I had a complete remover to be a super magico overpower and an expert marksman besides a super tough body for next combat.

<Ding !!!>

<Mutants get weaker exposed to sunlight .. They do not need to sleep and stay in search of fangs>

<Recommended to move and find a suitable place to build THE STORE>

Now that I had power, I should go out and complete the last mission. It was just that fear was still part of me, and the terror of finding such creatures frightened me.

"Is there a way for me to lose such fear?" (Samuel)

<The Shopkeeper can buy an <Intelligence Enhancement Injection (Intermediary) .. Value: Gold Coins x350>

I received the suggestion well, but I found the injection value somewhat expensive.

"Because the value seems expensive for the item and how can I get more Gold Coins?" (Samuel)

<A <Intelligence Enhancement Injection> is one of the most expensive available because of being an essential ability ... Gold coins are earned by killing mutants ... A normal dead mutant can give between 4-7 coins ... WARNING: Not only will normal humans grow stronger, mutants can evolve even more>

After hearing the information I understood how to live from now on, but with the final setença I trembled a little.

"Holy crap ... these ugly bugs can still get uglier and stronger .. That's no fun at all." (Samuel)

Power leaves you alive the world has become so now.

"Fuck ... Mission 3 we're going" (Samuel)

I got up with enthusiasm, checked my skills, and pulled out two pistols and a submachine gun with weapons to defend me.

"Buy the Injection please" (Samuel)

The injection appeared in my hand and I jabbed at the arm. The fear was gone and it was time to act.


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