The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse
5 Ch 05 - Base of the Army? Now it“s mine
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The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse
Author :Khyffinir
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5 Ch 05 - Base of the Army? Now it“s mine


Job: Shopkeeper

Job: Elementary (Master)

Gold Coins: 1000


* Perfect Body

* Power Capacity (Unlimited)

* Exploration

* Mapping

* Storage

* Mastery with Firearms (Intermediate)




After you open the door and down the stairs. I was finally on the street, because of intelligence injection I had a better understanding of my strength and what the mutants were able to do with their strength. Alone they were facies, but with a big bunch it would be annoying.

I took the vision injection and inserted it into my arm. At the same moment I could see from a long distance and my panoramic view became much larger.

"This is well stolen for just one injection hehe" (Samuel)

My vision plus the <Mapping> and the <Exploration> I knew where each ugly mutant was and I could divert from the large groups and go and do away with the less numerous.

With <Mapping> before leaving home I already had the perfect place to build my STORE. A base that was used by the army to store its supplies, but mainly the vehicles and airplanes.

Several gigantic galoshes that fit the planes. So this would be the perfect spot. Even had a fence wrapped for protection.

I followed the street to my destination and my new home.



I was headed toward the base, but there was a point to dare that was filled with abandoned vehicles and mutants devouring what could be those pieces of meat.

My gun was on my back fastened by a strap to make carrying easy and time to use it. A muffler was attached to it.

A small group was in front of me.

BANG .. BANG .. BANG .. BANG .. BANG .. BANG .. Six shots and six mutants to the floor. They all hit their heads, leading them to their deaths.

<Ding !!!>

<Gold Coins: 27>

"These are my treasure chests hahaha ... give me more coins my babies" (Samuel)

The more of them I could kill more gold I would have to spend in the store.

"SHOP what else can they give?" (Samuel)

<Mutants Nv1 can only give Gold Coins ... Already the evolved ones can drop stone of nergies that can be used for puppies low-grade injections>

"So it seems that I will only have coins for the time being ... these ugly uglies" (Samuel)

I kept walking down the bridge and killing the few mutants there.

<Gold Coins: 156>

Total # Saved:



I arrived in front of the base of the army and with no sign of healthy human life inside it, because with <Mapping> I knew where each living being on the planet was. But to my GREAT LUCK it was full of mutants. At least 350 of them and had a slightly stronger energy signature being issued by one of them.

I did not think that an evolved mutant would appear so soon. But whoever does not care, this base has been of the army will now be mine and no ugly animal that took supplement will prevent me.


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