The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse
6 Ch 06 - Great Green
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The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse
Author :Khyffinir
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6 Ch 06 - Great Green

[Outside the Base]

The area the base occupies is enormous. There are 12 large galpoes and a parking lot the size of a football field. Thank you government.

Everything is perfect to meet my requirements. There is still a kind of small airport that I am thinking of transforming into a living area for survivors. I'll cover the roof obviously.


Within the base there are several mutants. So analyzing the variables with my new cerebo that has undergone an upgrade grace the injection. I decided for the simple, to go ahead and kill everything that moves.

<Mapping> and <Exploration> provided the target information. So I infiltrated the place.

"I hope to do the right job without danger ... I really hope" (Samuel)

A change that occurred on the way here up the bridge was that I discovered that I do not need ammunition for my weapons. I can build bullets with my energy and shape them for various elements.

A group of at least twenty ugly mutants are in front of me. I raise my gun and start the fun.

BANG .. BANG .. BANG .. BAnG ..

The shots sound and the heads are pierced. Because of the same muted sound, the other mutants approach me trying to surround me.


I keep shooting, I'll run out of bullets. Once more, bodies gather around me as I spin and squeeze the trigger.

Control my energy to turn into electricity.


Like a storm the sound explodes and from me rays shoot for the mutants.


Several bursts of light attack the beasts and collapse them down.

By the map I took almost half of them all. It's just that this is going to be too much and the evolution is on the way.

"What's better than an explosion? A big explosion" (Samuel) I thought about the situation.

I removed several straps of grenades from my storage, at least twenty, pulled some pins and dropped them on the floor and ran well away.

I did this because a herd of them was close and they would pass on that place soon.

I jumped behind a concrete wall and waited.


The sound came and the number of enemies in the woods almost disappeared. Only the evolved one was still alive.

I left the room and took a good look at him.

"Holy shit .. The hulk must have had a very ugly son and beaten him a lot" (Samuel) what was in front of me was a green mutant far bigger than the others.

One arm was missing because of the explosion, I think. This was very ugly, glistening muscles deformed and face completely spoiled.

"I've got a mother-in-law ... fucking shit" (Samuel)

I took out my two pistols from the holster and looked down at the ugly remaining low-grade chickens and fired.


All down quickly, there was only the great green. It looks like he was waiting for a deulo.

After I took the intelligence injection, I became more courageous and daring.

If he wanted a duel I would fight him. I put my weapons away and took out a military knife.

I ran up to him.

"Come ugly thing .. I'll slice you" (Samuel)

I screamed and the beast responded.

"UHHHHAAAHAAA" (Great Green) he roared and tried to punch.

I deflected the punch and cut it with the knife and its belly. A green ooze came out of the cut. Really disgusting.

I stood behind him, and many may think I am a brave warrior but I am not. I pulled the two Glocke pistols and unloaded them on his head.

Honor does not fit to either die, that was conviction in this world now.

The body collapsed on the floor and did not move. Finishing my base cleaning.


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