The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse
7 Ch 07 - Mother and Daughter
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The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse
Author :Khyffinir
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7 Ch 07 - Mother and Daughter

[Unknown building]

My name is Mary Carter, I'm 26 and I've been one of the survivors since being called by the others in the group as a zombie apocalypse.

When it happened I was still working at the convenience store. The shaking of the energy wave was huge like an earthquake and made the small building shudder.

After the concussion I was panicking and desperate. Since my daughter was at home being taken care of by drool. I ran out of the store toward the house to ensure the safety of my daughter Candsy, who is still 5 years old.


I arrived at the apartment building and saw that a part gave way, making my heart palpitate in despair.

I run to the stairs still intact and up to the second floor where my house is.

I hear some noise inside the house and quietly open the door. The scene and one thing that may have been my daughter's slime trying to get into the locked door to my room. And I hear some crying sounds that must be from my daughter inside.

Before I became a Candsy I always dreamed of being a police officer and trained in the area and even went to the police academy.

I have a good aim and I keep a pistol in the closet. My daughter is the most important thing to me and saves her and my duty as a mother.

I opened the door slowly for the thing to notice and ran as fast as I could toward the closet. The sounds of the steps draw attention.

"ARRRR ARRR ARGG" (Mutant) she notices me and runs to me with thirsty eyes.

I jump over and reach for the gun, I cock and turn.

"I will not let you put your hands on my daughter your creature orenda" (Mary)


I pulled the trigger twice, one bullet hit the shoulder, the bullet hit the head. I have a slight headache and I notice that within my conscience there is a number 5 next to a gold coin.

It's kind of weird, but after seeing this creature and the previous wave of enrgia that kind of thing may be normal from now on I think.

I'm going to the door and hit it hard so it does not scare her inside.

"Sy is mommy dear .. it's alright now" (Mary) I tell her to calm down because I hear the sound of crying.

The door opens very slowly and a small shadow runs to me and hugs me.

"MOMMY .. MOMMY .. SWIFF SWIFF .. I was very scared mon" (Candsy) cries in my lap.

"Do not worry baby now it's okay, do not worry" (Mary) I make her calm down by stroking her head. The headache comes back again and I notice something else in my consciousness <Precision (Intermediate)>

Strange things are happening everywhere I imagine.


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