The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse
8 Ch 08 - Strength of a Woman
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The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse
Author :Khyffinir
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8 Ch 08 - Strength of a Woman

[Mary's House]

The sounds on the street still scare Candy, she does not get out of my embrace because of the fear.

Because of my training to become a police officer I know that in such situations the best option is to take shelter. But by the noises and screams outside the area here is not safe for us.

"Sy baby you need to go to your room and put your clothes in your purse understood dear" (Mary) I tell her what to do, she releases me reluctantly and runs very fast into the room.

I grab a suitcase in the room that is the largest I have at home and I throw all the supplies from the closet in it. I leave the things that have not been served and take the frozen products that can last longer.

Taking the parts of the sofa and shooting another pistol I leave there. My daughter runs to me with the purse in hand, since I always taught her what to do in panic situations she acts very fast.

"Honey, we have to get out of here pretty fast, okay, I'll load you up and run. If you're anything tell me" (Mary), I'll explain to her what we're going to do.

Candsy with a still nervous face nods in agreement.

Put the suitcase on the coast, the guns on the waist and I carry Candsy in my porky arms to get out of here and find a place for our safety.


The street is chaos, the screams on all sides and bodies scattered on the sidewalks. I ask Candsy to keep her eyes closed for this grotesque scene so she will not be scared, since even I'm afraid of what's going to happen.

After we leave I am always with my gun on the not free. I noticed a big difference, it seems that my control over her increased and my confidence in hitting the target went up as well.

Possibly it is because of the name in my mind and in that moment everything that can make me stronger is welcome.


I found some of these things mutated by the street, lucky that they were isolated cases or only in double. It looks like they are hunters and put us on the meat for their meal.

Candsy cried a few times and I calmed her. I can not blame a child for being afraid in this situation.

My conscience also had some changes. The numbers have risen to 78 and I figured it would suit to buy or something, because gold coin should be a kind of money I presume.

Another change was <Courage (Basica)> that also appeared and resulted in a boost of confidence in killing the monsters.


[In the evening]

During our escape we found an estate with other survivors and decided to spend the night here.

Many talk about things in their mind. It seems that even one of them can produce fire in the hands.

It seems that it can be a gift to face the mutated creatures, at least it was an idea proposed by a teacher who is here too.

One thing in the world does not seem to change, the strong will always survive.

Some women are throwing themselves toward men who seem to be trustworthy. Obviously I do not need this because I can defend myself and even if I do not, I would never resort to it.

I have a few glances in my direction, but I do not care. However, if someone tries to harm me or my daughter I will not be able to pull the trigger.


Mary does not know, but there is someone who is watching her steps to try and at least guarantee a little security for her and that she is even more vigilant towards these men than she is herself. Hate and intent to kill can be seen in your eyes.

"I'm glad she's okay .. I was worried" (Samuel)

When I make my base I hope I can help you. She was the only person who did not despise my old self.

I do not know if it is because of the little experience I have in regard to affection that I fell in love with her and she was admiring from afar.

But now that I can have power, I have the ability to secure a good life for her in this twisted world.


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