The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse
9 Ch 09 - Feeling of Safety
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The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse
Author :Khyffinir
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9 Ch 09 - Feeling of Safety


We had no problems at night, just screams and screams from the outside. But I kept myself safe and attentive to the actions of other people who are here.

I could hear sounds of people getting together at dawn, some women are selling themselves to ensure their safety.

I covered Candsy's ears and kept planting my weapon in hand for nothing to happen.

Even though I was aware of the danger around me, my heart felt a twinge of safety. But not to be here, as if someone were worried about me.

It was for a brief moment, but I felt very good at the time.

After waking up some people are planning what to do now, since the mutant's noises slowed when the sun rose. Some want to go out and get food and other things to survive and others are too afraid to get out of their supposed safety.

A suspected leader, one who can produce flames in his hands, is in charge of actions as if he were a great general.

He and one of those who were looking at me at night even now being accompanied by three women he still looks at me. I do not care, if he has something, my gun is loaded and I know that now with my ability to make mistakes, it's very difficult.



After conquering and clearing the remaining mutants by picking up a metal cube from the evolved mutant's body, Samuel is now arguing with THE SHOP about what to do next.

"What do I do now that I've taken the base?" (Samuel) questions

<Ding !!!>

<Parabens ... Mission 3: Complete .. Reward: <Inulnerable Body (Advanced) x1); Gold Coins: 5000; <Sniper (Adept) x1>; <Initial Reform of Base x2>)

The rewards this time are far greater at least since the difficulty has also increased.

"How can I reform the base?" (Samuel) I already asked that it was the one that caught my attention the most.

<Base statistics are divided into basic, intermediate, advanced, superior, insurmountable>


* Defense (Basica)

* Accommodation (Basica)

* Systems (Basic)

[Improvements: 2 uses]

"Improve defense and accommodation please" (Samuel) ordered after thinking about the future of the base and how he wanted it to be.

Defense was essential for security, so it was the first choice. Between accommodation and systems, he could choose between them, as he would not have many people still looking for him.

The next scene was magical, the grids around the base of the army crescreu and transormou in walls of 7 meters of height and a great iron gate.

The place with the large parking lot turned into a small village with some dormitories, houses, patios and small hotels.

He could rent to people and earn another source of gold coins.


[Unknown Building]

After having breakfast with Candsy and keeping me alert.

A great sound came.


How a great explosion that can be heard from afar sounded. The panic spread among the people and our beloved leader could not do anything.

After half an hour everyone calmed down. The Democratic leader decided that a group would check the situation as if it were threatening them.

About an hour after the 12 that were only 5 came back. With good news.

"What's the situation, what happened?" (Leader) asked the crowd who arrived.

They had dark faces as many died because of this leader.

"We went in the direction of the explosion and we went to the bridge. Many mutants were dead, not because it seemed to be shot in the head" (Unknown) mentioned what he saw.

The leader smiled cheerfully as if he had found his salvation.

"What else? Walk talk" (Leader) complained and ordered.

The survivors were grudging and hateful, but they had no power to question.

"The explosion came from the base of the army after the bridge and we did not see any mutant coming out of it. It seems that the base was recovered, we did not stay long and left the" (Unknown) spoke and brought joy to the survivors of the estate.

The leader smiled even more at the news he received. And he commanded his people.

"Let's go to the base, if the army is here they will have to help us" (Leader) decided the next action.

Even though he wanted to be the all-powerful and command everyone. The fear of dying along with the safety of the army spoke louder in his head.

I decided to go along too because it would be safer for Candsy.

So we left the building attentive to the mutants and ready to defend ourselves.

A total of at least 140 people marched on the streets.


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