The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse
10 Ch 10 - Linked Hearts
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The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse
Author :Khyffinir
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10 Ch 10 - Linked Hearts


While admiring his new home and trade. He was stunned by the power THE SHOP had. So I could actually create a safe place to do my business as a shopkeeper.

After checking the notifications from Mission 3, I decided to check if I got stronger.

"STATUS !!!" (Sameul) I shouted to check my stats.


Job: Shopkeeper

Job: Elementary (Master)

Sniper (Adept)

Gold Coins: 8,331


* Perfect Body

* Inulnerable Body (Advanced)

* Power Capacity (Unlimited)

* Exploration

* Mapping

* Storage

* Mastery with Firearms (Intermediate)


* Mutant Heart Nv2 x1

Few things have changed but now I had a new job related to long range weapons. Which suited me because of my improved vision.

He also had the large amount of gold coins after completing the mission and the deaths of the mutants, as well as the metal cube that could be used to make inferior injections.

I had not eaten anything yet and I was hungry.

Obviously I could not eat like stench, the blood and the bodies of mutants scattered in every direction I looked.

But thanks to the upgrade of the base, THE STORE also cleaned up all the dirt and turned it into a beautiful base that seems to have just finished.

With my abilities I noticed a group of people who approached. I think because of the loud noise of the explosions and shots. Some of them died because of the mutants on the way and then came back, probably being a reconnaissance group.

Since I will have visitors soon decided to put a large comfortable armchair in front of the door and I sat eating some snacks for my meal. I also took off my blood-soaked shirt and decided to go without even though my body is now very beautiful.

Another thing that went through my head is that the group must be Mary's and there are some guys that I'll probably kill soon.

Even though she has not yet accepted me, I'm pretty much like she owns me or something I want. Eliminating distractions and obstacles is something simple to do.



I'm in the front group with my gun in my hand and carrying Candsy. Already in the discussion at the time of leaving was deceded by the leader that those with power will fight in front.

But I think in fact is that he wants to abandon the latecomers almost something happens and leave in front. Just that your eyes do not leave me and I'm starting to get annoyed with that.


"Boss, you already have three women, and you're still looking at the one with the child, why?" Ask your leader.

That it has a cheerful face when looking at the beautiful woman.

"She does my type hahaha .. soon she will be mine .. And do not worry then I can lend it to you to play too" (Leader) shows your generosity to your arousing men.

The faces of these men look like wolves behind their prey.


Mary who is walking attentively without knowing the plans of those men with dirty minds. A shadow approaches her.

"With Miss license .. My name is Arthur the leader of the group .. if you want protection for you and your daughter you can count on me and no one will be able to harm you" (Arthur) presents a good man trying to look and try to put your hand on Mary's shoulder.

Mary knows such a man and can not easily be deceived. He puts his hand on his waist and pulls his gun pointed at his head.

"If you come closer I bore your head .. you can bet" (Mary) answered roughly and with the gun cocked.

Arthur's face darkens and seems annoyed with Mary's action.

"I just wanted to propose to you, but since you have no interest and you better stay alert and protect yourself well, you understand" (Arthur) speaks in a threatening tone, as if it were the greatest power in the world.

Without even trembling with such a cheap threat and the weapon still erected. Candsy that is in his arms neither the attention, because he knows that his mother is strong to even hit the animals much less in an ugly face of this.

"Do not worry, I can defend myself very well from any attack and counter-attack too quickly" (Mary) responds with sarcasm in her voice.

Arthur returns to his irritated group and whispers something to his men who get smug smiles on their faces.


The group walks back and finishes crossing the bridge.

After 10 many walking they see a large wall that surrounds the whole site where the base of the army was. And the front of the door can see someone shirtless sitting in a large, well-laid-out, easy chair.

Mary feels the same safety as before, now that she is looking at the well-built young man who is relaxing with snacks.

Your heart starts beating fast with the feeling of already knowing such a person and seeming to be connected with him.

Answering his thoughts the young man seems to smile at her.

"WELCOME FRIENDS .. this is THE STORE and I am the shopkeeper here" (Samuel) announces to all who are standing in front of you.


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