The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse
11 Volume 2 Epilogue
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The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse
Author :Khyffinir
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11 Volume 2 Epilogue

@@Now begins the work of Samuel in this apocalyptic world.

Where people die, mutants evolve, wars are caught and the strong ones sit up on the bones of the dead.

Providing the goods for humanity to survive is their function, anything can be bought if the person has the right amount of gold coins.

Your first trading is about to occur. He must make THE SHOP prosper in such a setting to gain power and control over the goods of this world.

As a good supplier he is willing to negotiate. Of course if you want to put your life in the balance of your mood.

This is the safe place for everyone while following little rules that are stuck in front of the big door. Simple things

Nº1 - Violence is not allowed in the STORE.

* Penalty: Death.

Nº2 - Do not irritate the shopkeeper.

* Penalty: Death.


He will find his queen who has always loved the distance and govern his territory by negotiating with whom he is willing and has the necessary capital.

A young man who will be the center of the new humanity.



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