The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse
12 Ch 11 - Welcome and Fear Mary“s Thoughts
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The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse
Author :Khyffinir
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12 Ch 11 - Welcome and Fear Mary“s Thoughts

[Base Door]

"WELCOME FRIENDS .. this is THE STORE and I am the shopkeeper here" (Samuel)

The people in the group were half stunned by the scene.

A young man was shirtless in front of the big door with a smile on his face and this young man was very handsome with a body that bordered on perfection.

Mixed feelings like passion, lust, jealousy and envy were being demonstrated by people.

Only Mary with Candsy in her arms had a sense of familiarity with the young man.

"Coof .. coff .." (Samuel) coughed to get people out of their shelf world.

They looked at him again and he continued.

"Pay attention now ... As you see there are many people who have turned those ugly mutants in the world and they are very annoying .. others may have noticed that they have more than the normal people and the amount of coins in their consciousness that increases when he kills these monsters "(Samuel) tried to sound as practical as possible.

Many nodded to his sentence and others did not care, for they were older and would give nothing to a child in their sight.

"And what you have to do with it .. we want to get into the base of the army now, you're just messing up" (Citizen 01) said angrily in the face.


"Ande gets out of the way"

"Let's go, we're in a hurry."

Many began to speak and walked in the doorway.


Samuel pulled a machine gun out of space and fired three times into the air.

Those who were walking were shocked by the sound and stopped and stared stunned at the young man with the gun in his hand.

"What's this young because you're doing this?" (Citizen 02) asked with a little panic, but not wanting to give in.

Samuel just bad of the scene and lowered the gun.

"I think that you still do not understand, you know, this base is not of the army, but mine. I let in whoever I want to, and if I do not want to, you will not go" (Samuel) said with sarcasm in his voice.

They looked at him angrily, but afraid of the gun.

Mary looked at him with interest, if it was his own. He would have killed all the mutants, so he was very strong. She would not sell herself, but working for him would not be any harm.

Arthur as the leader stepped forward with an arrogant air.

"Sorry to bother you, I'm Arthur the leader of these people and I want to know how we can get into the base" (Arthur) spoke in the tone of a king.

Samuel laughed again, this was getting funnier to see.

"Let me start over, this is my base and STORE, you can buy anything you want in the SHOP, weapons or food and even physical skills and improvement," he said softly.

Everyone's eyes widened with emotion at the security of it. Arthur also smiled and planned how to take the base for himself as he was not of the army. But Samuel was not a good Samaritan, and he went on.

"Obviously you can have everything you want from the SHOP ... if you can afford it" (Samuel) told everyone to listen.

The smiles froze with the sentence, nothing was free in the world.

"How can we pay for the service then?" (Arthur) asked arrogantly.

Samuel did not like it and wanted to kill him but it would not be fun to end him like this.

"This is simple .. with gold coins of course .. every time you kill a mutant you get them .. everything can be bought with the coins .. if you can afford my STORE sells to you .. Everything has one price and when more pay more tera "(Samuel) was with a smile just thinking of his profit.

Everyone realized the importance of the coins now.

Arthur again opened his filthy mouth. While Mary was just watching the youth ahead of her she had the air of being superior to all.

"In that case, if we have coins, we can enjoy the right security, and we have to pay his STORE right?" "Fucking arrogant fucking .." (Arthur) screamed and made a fireball and threw it at Samuel, who stood there .

The flame made its way and then.



Arthur laughed with pleasure.


Many also laughed and others shocked by their 'leader'.

Mary was also shocked, but she did not know why she still believed in the young man. So she heard his voice.

"You seriously are a bad man my friend, if I had a shirt you could have scorched her and would not have gold coins to pay me" (Samuel) said when the smoke dispersed and it was intact.

"You think you're the only one with skillful shit?" (Samuel) his tone now was very striking to the man.

Those who laughed were paralyzed with fear, like a monster.

Mary on the other hand rejoiced even more.

"How? ... like you ... IMPOSSIBLE" (Arthur) fell on the floor in despair.

Samuel looked at him with amusement and did something no one would expect.

A weapon appeared in his hand from nowhere and he threw it at Arthur.

"If you want to live mate those your suborned ones who laughed or I kill them and you" (Samuel) spoke putting fear in all, including Mary.


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