The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse
13 Ch 12 - Welcome and Allocation Mary“s Expectations
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The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse
Author :Khyffinir
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13 Ch 12 - Welcome and Allocation Mary“s Expectations

[Still at the Gate]

Everyone in shock by the sentence, especially Arthur who was terrified by the order and intent to kill that Samuel threw upon him.

"Come on or I'm going to finish you asshole .. you did not want to be the smart one and attack me .. now you and your little friends will suffer the penalty for irritating the shopkeeper" (Samuel) said pointing to the big plate above the door.

Everyone looked at the board and saw the rule and the punishment. DEATH.

One word and many fell on their knees.

Arthur panic grabbed the gun and turned. The fear of dying was too great for him to bear.

He pointed with trembling hand to his long-time friends together who always helped him with his evil deeds.


Five shots rang out and his friends of years fell, three dead and two still alive, just ballads on his leg and arm respectively.

Arthur continued to pull the trigger, but Samuel only put five bullets, sorry that he still managed to miss two shots.

Samuel clapped his hands and everyone looked at him.


"Bravo Bravo Bravo you showed courage knows .. so I will not kill you today .. now you can leave before I change my mind" (Samuel) smiled.

Arthur in shock knew he killed his friends and still would not have the security of the base. His eyes were filled with hatred toward Samuel.

"Do not look at me like that, my friend, you have made your choice" (Samuel) still smiling, he said.

Mary stared at him, stunned and a little afraid.

Also intrigued as to why he acted like this.

The two still alive shouted.

"ARTHUR YOUR SON OF PUT .... COOF COOF" (Carl) spat blood and stopped moving.

"GO FUCK ARTHUR YOUR SHIT, LET US FOLLOW YOU FOR YOUR COWARDS" (Tony) said hateful looking at Arthur and Samuel.

"Sorry ... sorry .. I .. I .." (arthur) stammered and could not speak. The sound came later.


Samuel shot that Tony call.

He did all this because he knew what Arthur's group talked about and planned on making their precious Mary. Obviously they would not pay cheap for this.

Planning to capture Candsy and use it as a repository, use Mary and still decide to create Candsy for them in the future.

Samuel was in pure hatred, he just did not let it show.

"Now you can disappear from my sight" (Samuel) said with a cold tone to Arthur. Who in turn looked angry and ran away.

Samuel turned to Mary who was in front of the group who still did not move their legs in fear and watching the bodies there. Mary covered Candsy's eyes, but she could still hear the whole noise and was scared.

"Hello Miss Mary, good to see you again" (Samuel) spoke with a tender tone that suppressed her.

"Do you know me?" (Mary) asked in a daze because she did not remember meeting such a handsome young man, since forgetting it would be difficult.

Samuel smiled even more.

"You know Miss Mary and I just changed a little last day. My name is Samuel and I used to go to the store where you worked to buy food, I just had more fat at the time, hahahaha," Samuel explained and laughed.

Mary, on the other hand, was in shock because she remembered the chubby little boy who used to go to the store, but there was no way he could be such a boy. A big shock to her.

"Ohhh yes ... now I remember you" (Mary) said still somewhat confused and stunned.

Other people in the group were also in shock, because they were students of the class of Samuel and always they made bullying with him. They were very scared.

Little do they know that Samuel did not care about his poor existence.

"Now let me explain .. you can enter the base and get into the residential area .. we have large military barracks where you can rent a bed, houses, apartments, dormitories, hotels and even mansions .. As I said how much more coins better for you "(Samuel) turned and walked to the door, his things simply disappeared from the view of the people which made a great impression.

Mary was the first to walk back without fear.

Samuel entered the portal, when it opened they could see the big hangars.

"You follow me left to the residential area" (Samuel) pointed the way and guided the group impressed by the large area.

At the end of the great street that led to the left they saw a door a little smaller.

Samuel explained.

"That is the residential area, before you go through the door you must go to one of the cabins and buy your daily pass for housing.The amount will vary according to the dwelling you choose" (Samuel)

he emphasized.

Mary with Candsy on her lap was still impressed with the young man and how he acted, not realizing that he approached.

Samuel arrived at two o'clock.

"Here small .. for you" (Samuel) took out a bar of chocolate and offered to Candsy. That as soon as your eyes glistened, I grabbed the chocolate like a little squirrel.

Mary came back to reality and noticed him there.

"Thank you Mr. Samuel?" (Mary) wondered what to call him.

Samuel laughed.

"For you only Samuel serves" (Samuel)


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