The Sovereign System
1 Life Before Death
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The Sovereign System
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1 Life Before Death

Earth, The Year 2199

Unlike others from Earth, Alex was a man of greed and lust, someone who took advantage of every opportunity that came his way. Alex was born without knowledge of who his parents were and grew up in an orphanage. Even his name was one that he gave himself, he learned all life skills, and taught himself to think for himself through the limited resources he was given by the nuns in his Orphanage. Although Alex lived in an orphanage where religion was the focus of their daily lives, he didn't believe in the existence of GOD and was disliked by the nuns and other kids who he lived with, so much so that some weeks he was starved.

When Alex turned 16, he was to leave the orphanage and was more than prepared to lead his life without those nuns pushing him around and making him do their chores.

By the time Alex was 16, he had saved up more than 20 thousand dollars through his part-time job as a tutor and current job as a game developer for a small local company in his city.

Alex considered himself quite a handsome devil, with green eyes shining like the star, black hair with the smoothness of the water and a masculine figure standing at 1.9 meters tall.

After leaving the orphanage, he rented out a one bedroom apartment which he used as his workspace and didn't need to go to an office for work. This was due to the technological advancements on Earth which were leaps and bounds better than ever before.

He started working from an ultra thin and fast laptop he bought for 2 thousand dollars and worked from his home and sent all his work in through the net straight to his team managers holographic display.

Alex only worked 6 hours of the day and had the rest of the day to catch up on the news and new technological breakthroughs. Sometimes he would buy new gadgets as he considered them to be investments for future use.

Other times he would take one of his many girlfriends to dinner and get drunk, before going to her place to release all his lust with his 9-inch little brother.

When Alex turned 20 he was already a big shot with mass wealth, prestige and a lot of girls to fulfill his boundless lust. He achieved all this through his ingenious skills in the Business and Stock Market Fields.

Skills which he honed through experimenting stocks and by helping out his old game development company become widely known throughout the American Federation as a major player.

Not only did his lust grow but his tastes for women changed from inexperienced young ladies to mature and perfectly ripe delicacies. He enjoyed when CEO's from other companies try to bribe him for cooperation by sending him women, and he accepted the women but never did he let those trying to use him get their way.

An unexpected event occurred during the year 2199, Alex became the most wanted man in the world in one night.

He threw a big banquet inviting world leaders and some of the most wealth and prestige people, along with numerous CEOs on the world stage of Business. All to celebrate his twenty-second birthday and his Company's value reaching 1 trillion dollars.

During the end of the banquet, he heavily indulged himself with countless women and he would even say it was the best day of his life so far. Until he figured out that all the women he indulged himself with were those of his esteemed guests who came to the banquet. He figures that when he was drunk he kicked all the men out of his banquet and made love to their mistresses and wives.

Now as the most wanted man on Earth, Alex is on the run with no chance of survival whatsoever, warplanes, flying soldiers like Iron-Man, armored vehicles with laser accuracy mini guns, satellites with the latest nuclear weaponry.

All mankind is After his head worth 100 billion dollars.

On the edge of Niagara Falls

"I didn't think ya'll would be so mad of me sticking my **** inside your wives, but 100 billion is a small amount don't you think? I would at least pay the Sun and Moon to get this Handsome Face. "

The crowd is speechless

After a few seconds:

"100 Billion is a small amount?"

"Who's wives did he fuck?"

"He's about to die and still wants to act so shameless and arrogant."

"If there is a second chance for life, I would like to double-time your beautiful wives and most pleasurable mistresses!" Alex said with Pride and Confidence seconds before taking his own life.

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Alex fell to his death in the beautiful Niagara Falls with a goal to come back and fulfill his death wish.


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