The Sovereign System
2 Once An Orphan Always An Orphan
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The Sovereign System
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2 Once An Orphan Always An Orphan

In the depths of darkness, Souls are like floating leaves on water, traveling boundlessly distances.

In this indefinite space not a spec of light is seen and souls travel at speeds unimaginable for an unfathomable amount of time; awaiting their time to start a new and be reborn.

Alex's soul was abnormal and unlike the others. His soul contained a consciousness and was awaited by a blinding light.

'God, if this is heaven then I'd like a visit downstairs to your buddy the devil.'

No wait, IS THIS HELL?! ..... Wait NO this can't be, God probably made a mistake or two here; I have not committed a single felony or stole from anyone; I am a pure honest man. What is this injustice?!!!

'Moreover, why is there a Bloody blinding light in front of me? Maybe it's God inviting me to Heaven!!!'

'Not that I ever believe in the existence of God, but my opinion might change once I meet this lowlife old man.'

As time passes by the light before Alex starts to get dimmer and dimmer by the second. Until the light becomes the size of a door.

Alex, on the other hand, is debating what to do now.

Should I go through it? or should I stay in this shit hole?

To hell with it! I am no coward even as a dead man! Heaven Here I Come!

Alex's soul moves closer to the light until he is fully absorbed and loses consciousness.


Mortal World; Dragon Continent, Imperial City

In a certain commoners household, A widow was trying to give birth.

A pair of doctors in their mid-twenties who were looking after the widow, helping her give birth and also here to check the health of both the parent and child after birth.

The women giving birth was frail and was barely holding on to dear life while the excruciating pain continued.

" The baby!...look the baby's head is almost out!" One of the doctors said excitedly

Alas, the baby came out and was covered in blood, while this may be good news but, who was there to tell the news too.

'How unfortunate, the mother couldn't make it through.' Thought the two doctors while looks of sadness and remorse showed on their faces.

"What should we do? We can't just leave the baby here." One doctor said to the other.

Unfortunately, the mother died giving birth due to her frail body and mind which couldn't bear any more of the burden and gave out.

Suddenly there was a loud knock on the door which shook the two doctors out of their daze.



- - - - - - - - -

(POV: Alex)

Alex's consciousness slowly came back to life, but an explainable voice could be heard in his head.

[Initializing The Sovereign System...10%...25%...45%...60%...80%....100%]

[Confirming Activation Of System.....Confirmed]

[Start Up System]

[Welcome To The Sovereign System]

[Host Has Been Successfully Reborn]

Alex's mind went black and was taken aback when he heard all these messages in his head. Only to regained his senses after the aggressive knocking on the door.

- - - - - - - - -

Alex tried to move his head towards the location of the sound but he absolutely couldn't.

No matter how hard he tried to move, a newborn baby couldn't possibly move especially right after birth so he laid on the crib staring intensely at the roof with frustration shown on his eye.

The two doctors went to open the doors and totally abandoned Alex.

"Who is it?" asked the doctors in unison

They were hoping for a relative of the woman to be behind the door so they could help solve the problem with the child not having parents.

"You should be the doctors. Please excuse me, I'm a friend of the woman who should be giving birth" said a woman in her early twenties in a light but worried tone.

"Please come in, if it's okay with you we would like to ask for your help." said one of the doctors.

"Is she okay? Did she give birth?" The woman asked in a grave tone.

The doctors made way for the woman while looking down avoiding eye contact.

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'Is she okay, I hope she and the baby made it through. I hope the bad feeling I got was just a misunderstanding.' Thought the woman while walking hastily towards the bedroom.

As soon as she walked through the door, her face turned pale and she fell to the ground staring at the lifeless body of her precious friend. Her whole body was trembling as she cried out cursing the heavens for her loss.

The two doctors didn't dare enter the room, not because they didn't want to counsel her but because they wouldn't know what to say.

Alex was annoyed and confused at what was happening because;

1) He didn't know why a strange woman came in just to start crying.

2) He couldn't see if the woman was a beauty or not.

3) He didn't know for sure if this was heaven or not.

Alex then tried to ask the system in his head what the situation was.

'System....? whatever the name was. Tell me about the current situation and help me see what's going on?'

[System Analyses...Complete]


[Currently, The Host's Soul Has Merged With The Body Of A Newborn Baby]

[The Mother Of The Host Has Died Due To Being Weak While Giving Birth]

[Status: Orphan*]

Alex was enraged and gave off a nasty look once he heard the last notification.

'Fuck happened to my father then? Has he also died?' Alex asks the system while trying to get a good explanation for the new revelation.

[The Host's Mother Status Was Of Widow Before Death]

'Shit!!... Why do I have to be an Orphan even in my second life? I want a refund, I thought the door lead to Heaven! I'd rather be in that shit hole then go through another life without parents.'

[Once An Orphan Always An Orphan] The system said nonchalantly.


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