The Sovereign System
3 Adopted?
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The Sovereign System
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3 Adopted?

"Once an Orphan Always An Orphan"

When Alex heard the system say these word, a volcano was about to erupt in his head and violate this so-called system that saved him. But he was caught off guard when he noticed that the woman who was on the ground just a second ago was intensely looking down at him.

'what's this bitch looking at me like that for' thought Alex when he was just about to violate the system but got disturbed by the staring of this women.

'Do I look that ugly that you have to put up a depressed face? Never mind, your not important right now, I need to win back my dignity.' Just as Alex thought this he was suddenly picked up off the bed.

'wohhhw don't touch me, don't touch me! Kidnapper! I'm getting kidnapped! SHIIIITT!'

All of a sudden she brings him close and embraces him while his head is leaning on her mountain like breasts.

'aaaahhh, I remember this soft and squishy feeling, this is just like the breasts of the mistress that came with the minister of Britain to my last party.' Expressions pleasure and happiness were all over his face while enjoying these holy breasts and the thought of scolding the system left as fast as turning on and off a light switch.

The two doctors outside the bedroom slowly came in once the crying stopped and saw her caressing the babies head in her hands.

They were shocked to see the never-ending happiness the women wore on her face as she looked at the baby in her hands as if she was the one who gave birth to him.

"Excuse us but, from what we heard about the client, she didn't have any other family members...You should be the closest one to her I believe." The two doctors looked at each other and then finished what they want to say. "Would you care to adopt her baby?... If not, he would be taken to the mines and...." They didn't want to finish the sentence and didn't have to.

"I'll take him" The woman responded confidently without a second hesitation which caused the doctors to be taken aback before a glad smile creep up on their faces.

The woman didn't let them finish because she knew that they were going to tell her that he would be an orphan which is the worst punishment to be given a child. Orphans in Dragon continent were taken to the mines, either they were killed on the spot there or worked to death depending on their age, and for the newborn Alex it would be the former.

- - - - - - - - - -

When Alex came back to his senses, he noticed the two doctors standing there with a light smile looking at him. Ignoring their stares, he closed his eyes again to enjoy the sensual moment he was having before. However just as he was getting back to enjoy himself on the mysterious woman's breasts, the woman changed positions, one hand under his bare baby ass and the other hand on his little chest.

While keeping Alex in that position she moved towards her dear friend who was laying on the bed lifeless, she had teary eyes looking at the body while showing it to Alex who was in shock after looking at the body of his mother.

"Little boy...look...this is my dear friend and your mother." The woman said in a sobbing voice trying to refrain from bursting into tears again.

'What is this?... How can this be possible?... This is what my mother looked like?.... Why does she look crippled, and for such a young and beautiful lady? Someone is responsible for this and they will pay the price 100 folds' Alex thought while staring at the body of his mother which had permanent bruises and deep wounds. Another thing that caught his attention was the ring necklace made of gold, which she had on.

'I'm definitely going to tear this person a new ass.'

Looking at the shocked face of little Alex while his body shook intensely, the woman mistook his anger and thought he was scared looking at his mother's condition, so she placed him down onto the crib.
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Afterward, the woman took a deep breath in and out moving closer to the dead body and taking the necklace from her and putting it on the neck of little Alex.

"This is your mother's necklace, I want you to have it as memorabilia of your lovely mother." said the woman while putting the necklace over his head, which made Alex smile without him noticing.

Soon after the woman wrapped baby Alex in a blanket and readied herself to leave, but before they did, she paid the two doctors to take the body and bury it in the middle of her own courtyard. She did this because she thought of her as her own sister and wanted to give her a grave where she could watch her boy grow up in front of her.

Soon after, Alex and his step-mother went home, while the body of his mother came later and was buried in the courtyard.


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