The Sovereign System
4 Poor Little Alex
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The Sovereign System
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4 Poor Little Alex

First Official Day After Being Reborn

Alex woke up to a pair of breasts with the softness of clouds, which belonged to his stepmother who had adopted him just yesterday.

As he laid facing the two enormous, the system notification went off.


[Status Update: Adopted]

'God, don't scare me like that.What an annoying sound to wake up to. Anyways, system, I have a lot of questions but that'll have to wait. First, I would like a mute on that *Ding* sound I hear every time yo ass walkin by in my head to inform me. Second, I don't want to be called HOST, I have a name, use it.'

[System Will Adjust To Host Liking During System Upgrade To Version 2.0]

'What the Hell, Will anyone in this world listen to me...It's pissing me off'

'Aiight now, Bitchy system, tell me all you know about these mountainous breasts'

[Alexandra, Host's Step Mother]

[She Is the Only Daughter To The Head Of The Famous Rager Family Known Throughout Dragon Continent. She Is Also The Owner Of The Heavenly Dragon Auction House In Imperial City]


Name: Alexandra Rager aka "Goddess Of Tranquility"

Age: 21

Occupation: Alchemist level 4

Purity: Virgin

Appearance: SS

Control: S

Wealth: SS

Charm: S

Luck: A

Cooking: ???

Morals: ???

- - - - - - - - -

Aptitued: ???

Passive Abilities: ???

Active Abilities: ???

Bloodline: Sun & Moon Goddess

Inner Cultivation Stage: ???

Body Cultivation Stage: ???

'Why can I only see the first half on her status?' Alex asked the system.

[Due To Host's Insufficient Inner Cultivation And System Version, Host Can't View These Before Hand]

'Hmmmm....system, I would like to know all the functions that you possess at this point.'

Alex wore an intrigued expression as he continued experimenting within the system.

- - - - - - - - - - -

A Few Hours Later

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Alex had gone through all the functions and deeply took notes in his head for future use and along the way deepening his understanding of the system. However, he couldn't wrap his head around and about how the system's currenc yworks.

'aahhhh...Amma go insane if I continue without feeding this body'

looking at the motionless body of his sleeping stepmother Alex thought:

'Ayee, TiTs Magee when are you planning to get up, don't you have to do your witchcraft and make potions'

Wanting to wake her up because he was hungry he noticed that his hands were on her breasts. A lustful light began to shine in his eyes, as he started to play around with watermelons, squishing them, shaping them of his hand, playing with the tips, he did all this with no reserve. While he started getting used to his new body he put more pressure in his hands as he pinched the tips of both her breasts at the same time making her jump up to the little pleasure she felt even though she had a white nightgown on.

'What was that? breasts feel hot and tingly'

Alexandra was clueless what had occurred whilst she was sleeping.

Alex looking up at her and noticed that his stepmother had a really beautiful face. A face that had no equal if compare to the woman on Earth. With a beauty mark at the end of her left eye. 'She's a Goddess! I haven't met anyone as pretty and beautiful as her'

She had a really sexual vibe about her while she checked her massive breasts. Curves so sexy, tiny waist, and plump ass. No man could ever resist fantasizing about her slender yet full figure. She was as white as snow.

'So this is the appearance of the SS grade, magnificent, a masterpiece that tramples over the Mona Lisa.'

Just as he thought he couldn't be surprised anymore, she let down her from her bun. 'Just when I thought it couldn't get more fantasy like....she pulled out a trump card. Golden hair like Cinderella but its wavy with PINK vibrant TIPS. Not to mention, her clear as sky blue eyes.


Hearing the rumbling she came to her senses and went into a panic because her newborn baby hasn't eaten anything since being born. He never cried during the night, so she forgot about feeding him while she ate dinner herself as he slept on her bed. Afterward, she got drunk because of her depression and sent all her servants home to have time to get control over her emotions.

"What does a baby eat, I don't have breast milk either, god am I going to watch this kid die while doing nothing"

Walking back and fort thinking about what she has learned up to this point. She had no knowledge on how to take care of a baby because she wasn't going to have one anytime soon.

Alex's tummy rumbled once more and he also began to panic.

'This is bad...I might die of hunger... this stepmother of mine might be gorgeous but it's not like I can eat her beauty. How can I have a life threatening situation the day after I'm reborn!!! Fuck this shit, I ain't about die before I fulfill my death wish'. While looking at his stepmother he started fake crying to set off the alarm in her head to wake up.

Noticing her baby crying, she picks him up and moves towards the kitchen while thinking about what to make, and finally decided to make a light soup that would go down the throat easily. By the time they got to the kitchen Alex stopped crying and was relieved that she was smart enough to think on her feet. He leaned against the pillow on the sofa to support himself.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

30 minutes later

"Done!" Said Alexandra while she picked up her "cooking" and brought it towards Little Alex who was sweating buckets and petrified while trembling and staring at the "food" he was about to eat.

Alex was acting this way because of the way she was cooking, using heat that felt like it came directly from the sun, cooking at that temperature for 30 straight minutes, made him almost go mad. He knew deep down that every vegetable she put in was burned and he had to eat it.

'Curse this world, why do you have to make my life so hard. If I live through this I will definitely never let this woman cook ever again'

As a spoon full of the "Soup" entered his mouth and forced itself down his throat. He passed out after the 10th spoon full of the black "soup" entered itself in his stomach.


[Congratulations! Host Has Unlocked The Secret Status For Alexandra's Cooking Grade!]

[Cooking: F]

'I don't think I could survive another bowl of "Soup" cooked by that lady'



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