The Sovereign System
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The Sovereign System
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5 Rewards


Alex wakes up from a horrible nightmare of being forced to eat more of the disgusting cooking of his mother.

"I would rather die than eat more of that dog shit soup"

'System...I would like an explanation of how rewards and shop function work.'


[The System Rewards And Shop Work Hand And Hand.]

[The System Rewards The Host By Giving Items That Can Be Bought From The Shop To The Host For Completing Missions, Making Major Advancements In Cultivation, Conquering Realms And For Showing Off]

'Showing Off? What does Showing Off have to with the system' Alex asks the system confused


[The System Currency Is Based On SP Or Show Off Points...]

In the gist of it, Alex understood that he needs to show off to get anything from the system shop and he needs to work extra hard to ever get anything good from the shop because everything is stupidly expensive and he is currently broke AF.

[The System Recommends The Host To Open The Rebirth Gift Bag In The System Inventory ASAP]

'Huh...I didn't know I was already given a gift bag, let's see whatcha got for me'

After finding the Rebirth Gift Bag he orders the system to open it.

A split second after his order went through the bag began to shine brightly then disappearing soon after leaving three items behind.

[One Time Customization]

Type: Voucher

This item will let the user customize one's own outer appearance to whatever the user desires.

The effect will be permanent unless the user uses another voucher.

[The Immortal Library]

Type: Dimension

This ability will grant the Host the Immortal Library dimension which will contain all the knowledge about the different realms, cultivation, and history.

Only the soul can enter this dimension so be careful where you leave your body.

[The Sovereigns Treasure Map]

Type: Function

The Sovereigns Treasure Map is the ultimate cheat for Hide & Seek. This map will help the user locate valuables and whatever the user desires to find. It's not limited to valuables, but also the user can track living beings. The Map cannot function without the user's inner cultivation, the higher the cultivation the further the user can locate and the more detailed the map will get.

This function will be added to the system.*

'Damn!...system ur amazing! generously you treat your big brother!'

'These are all very useful to me, but before anything else, I want to use the customization voucher to make me look perfect'

Looking at how much freedom he has in the options, a bright smile formed on his face as he experimented and experimented for hours till dawn.

- - - - - - - - - -

'Done, Bellissimo'


[Will The Host Use The One Time Custimization]



Alex changed his appearance so that he would look very handsome and beautiful enough to make any man or woman look at him with envy. With vibrant crimson pink eyes, smooth and soft white skin and rose gold hair. These features were those that changed right away but he also made his dragon 9-inches, his figure defined and muscular, and set his adult height to 2 meters.

Alex did all this to build the foundation for showing off and to get in his mothers pants in the future. He was told that he could get erect with his full dragon when he turns ten, so he has set his mind on bedding his mother on his 10th birthday.

'System, use the rest of the item and tell me how to get into the Immortal Library'

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The system obediently told him that the best way to enter the Immortal Library was to put his body to sleep while the system would transport his soul to the Library.

Entering the Library, Alex was told that all the books in the palace like Library was of the Mortal Realm only and he would have to enter the other realms to upgrade his Immortal Library.


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