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6 Hot Spring!
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The Sovereign System
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6 Hot Spring!

"Happy Birthday Young Master!" The house servants said in unison.

"Thank You very much! To all of you beautiful ladies."

"Young Master flatters us too much." responded the head maid.

"Young Master your morning bath has been arranged, the maids will take care of suiting Young Master for his Ceremony afterward."

Awakening Ceremony.

The ceremony is held to see if one has an affinity to any of the elements and how much talent one has in that certain element(s). The ceremony can be held as early as 3 years old. Rich families usually throw big parties on the day of the ceremony to show off, however, it's a double-edged sword. If the one being assessed has poor talent, then they will be forever shamed and humiliated.

"I hope you will all attend the party!" Alex smiled while booking it to the bathhouse in his pajamas.

"Young Master! Please wait! We'll escort you there!"

"No need to concern yourselves, I am grown up now, I should at least be able to walk by myself!"

"He's so cute. I hope he won't change after today's results."

"Young Master is so nice and thinks about us so highly."

The Maids kept thinking in astonishment how great and attractive he will be in the future.

Alex then reached the bathhouse located behind the mansion aback the courtyard. All the while awaited by his personal maid who was there to take him inside and bathe him. She was the daughter of the Head Maid and only eight years of age. She would take care of Alex whenever his mother was busy working or when she went to visit the Heavenly Dragon Auction House.

"Sister Elisa, let's bathe together!"

"Young Master, I can't. It's improper."

"Hmph, Then I won't take a bath, I'm going back to my room!"

Alex turned around and started slowly walking back looking back every few seconds.

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"NO!NO!, Please Don't leave!...I'll....I'll bathe with you...Young Master" said Elisa shyly.

She was tasked with bathing Alex to get ready for his Awakening Ceremony, so she couldn't refuse his request because if she fails her task, all the preparation they did would be for nothing.

Elisa had gentle smooth white skin, wavy brunette hair going down to her waist, shining blue eyes, and a delicate figure. Alex was stunned how beautifully she carries herself around, nobly almost and she's only eight at that. 'Elisa wouldn't lose out by much to my mother in Beauty once she becomes an adult huh. Interesting.' Alex thought.

Walking out with a towel wrapped around her, Elisa wore a shy pink face while Alex was checking her out from head to toe. Noticing Alex's stare at her almost naked body Elisa speaks with her shy soft voice "Please...Please don't look at me."

"I'm so sorry, I couldn't help it...Your cuteness is breathtaking, like a thousand Gems"

'She might be an unrefined Gem now but in a couple of years, she might just shine brighter than the stars in the sky.'

'Amma take it easy for now, don't want to be one of "those" people now do I.'

Elisa turned beet red after hearing his compliment.

"Young...Master...I'm just...a lowly maid... I am not worthy...of your praise."Elisa said while staring at the ground trying to get control of herself.

Wasting no time, Alex got undressed from his pajamas and wrapped his lower body with a towel and when to look around the bathhouse. This was the first time that he went to bathe in the bathhouse. Usually, his mother would bathe him in her own bath. However, today his mother is making preparation for his ceremony, so she left early in the morning.

'God damn this bathhouse is big AF! It could probably fit fifty people comfortably.' Alex thought while scanning his surroundings.

"Young Master! Please come this way! Let's head to the Hot Spring!" Elisa said excitedly. This was the first time she was allowed to use the hot spring in the bathhouse to bathe Alex but now she could join in and have fun.

Alex's eyes almost went out of his sockets, "There's a Hot Spring Here?!"

Seeing Elisa turn towards him and nod, he quickened up his pace because of excitement. Alex would go to a Natural Hot Spring every time he visited Japan back on Earth and never got disinterested but developed a longing for the stimulation and refreshment.


"there's nothing that could beat a dip in a hot spring right now"

'Ohh how lucky I am to be born into this family'


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