The Sovereign System
7 Awakening Ceremony & Debut Part 1
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The Sovereign System
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7 Awakening Ceremony & Debut Part 1

"Young Master, Please Get Into The Carriage. We will be departing soon."

Alex takes a look at the carriage glistening under the sun.

"It's gold plated?! No, I didn't read anything about gold plating technologies. That only leaves one possibility, This. Carriage. Is. Made. Purely. Of. GOLD!" Alex murmured to himself as he was in pure disbelief. His realization was further backed up by the carriage being pulled by 4 horses, while normal carriage would be pulled by 2 or sometimes 1 horse.

'How rich is Alexandra? This is unbelievable, I feel like the world's wealth is in my hands.' Alex thought as he questioned Alexandra's unreasonable wealth. 'I didn't know me and my lovely mother had such similarities. Haha, how lovely'. Back on Earth Alex was such a big spender when it came to luxuries, designer clothing, watches, and cars, planes, houses, you name it, he had it. He would buy so much that he would make companies restock their shelves.

Looking at the unmoving Alex Elisa becomes worried; "Young Master is something the matter?"

On hearing the concerned voice of Elisa Alex comes back to his senses. "I'm sorry for worrying you, shall we go." Alex walked into the carriage and his personal maid Elisa shortly came in after.

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While taking the carriage, Alex looked outside with eyes of curiosity. Alex lived in the mansion since he was born and wasn't taken outside. Even though living in the mansion was like paradise, he longed to go outside his boundaries and expand his horizon endlessly.

' Wow, almost every house is like that of the Victorian Era back on Earth.'

Alex knew from his mom's teachings that Imperial City was where most people of prestige, mass wealth, and Powerhouses in Dragon Continent lived. It is a heart of the continent and in the center of the city was the Emperors Palace, where his majesty and his family resided.

'Damn! Even I can tell that these aren't your average Joe's. These mansions are no joke, they're huge and a sense of luxury can be felt from them, but none of them compare to mama's mansion. Mama's mansion got a hot spring and it's the size of a soccer stadium with every inch made of high-quality materials.' Alex thought while he looked at the houses with a smirk on his face.

After a couple of hours and a lot of sights seeing Alex did from within the carriage, he ended up with one unanswered question.

'Why haven't I seen any Demi-Humans so far? No, I should have seen at least one by now. Why aren't there any Demi-Humans in Imperial City?' Alex thought to himself.

What Alex would learn later on would add flames to his hatred and disdain towards the Emperor.

"Young Master, We have arrived at the Heavenly Dragon Auction House!" The Coachman informs Alex and his Maid.

Alex did a complete 180 and came out walking onto the red carpet with elegance and confidence radiating from him.

'Time to make my debut!'

Unfazed by all the pressure of all the people staring at him, Alex strode forward with a bright smile. He knew that all these people are high profile individuals and came prepared to show off and gain some more confidence in his skills and to boot up his ego.

The audience was lost for words and some were jaw dropped by the grand entrance of Alex. With rose gold hair combed to the right side in big strands, big bright crimson pink eyes with long eyelashes. Snow white skin emphasizing his crimson and gold embroidered robe flowing as he stands at 1-meter tall. They had never seen such a cute and handsome three-year-old before. Some ladies became jealous of his beauty that the thought of kidnapping him and having him for their own came across their heads. While other's were mesmerized that they were looking at a 3-year-old behave so elegantly and unlike his age.


[Congradulation Host For Showing Off...Rewarding 5 SP]


[Congradulation Host For Showing Off...Rewarding 5 SP]


[Congradulation Host For Showing Off...Rewarding 10 SP]

The System notification kept on ringing in his head as he tolerated the *Ding* sound resounding in his head.

'This is just the beginning...Let's serve the main dish now'

'System...Ready?! Do it when I jump!"

[All Set! Will Do As The Host Commands!]

As Alex reached the end of the carpet he leaped upwards as the wind from the system was created below his feet, lifting him to the balcony where he landed gently in front of 4 individuals. His Mother in the middle, Rebecca who is the manager of the Auction House to her right, The General Of The Army for Dragon continent to her left and his youngest daughter beside him.


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