The Sovereign System
9 Awakening Ceremony & Debut Part 3
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The Sovereign System
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9 Awakening Ceremony & Debut Part 3

'God These People Are Mad Bipolar! Mom said the same thing as me but the difference in reaction is too huge. Tch! Let's see if you'll stay quiet after the Ceremony is over.' Alex thought to himself without showing any of his disgust or anger on his face.

Rebecca saw the preparations were set up for the Awakening Ceremony as she walked towards Alexandra.

"Miss Alexandra, the Awakening Stone has been activated for Alex's Ceremony. You should inform him all he needs to do is place both of his hands on the stone and not remove them till the ceremony is over." Rebecca whispered to Alexandra's ear.

Alexandra nodded and she knew this moment was the most crucial moment this evening.

'It makes or breaks! I have to trust my son.' She turned around from the crowd and walked towards Alex. She bent down till their eyes were at the same level.

She told him the instructions and embraced him as she whispered: "Whether you have talent or not I will still love you the same Alex! So do your best!"

Alex knew why she said that and was not discouraged: "Mommy, don't cry! I will show everyone here that Alex Rager is the most talented and handsome person in the world." Alex whispered while leaving her embrace and walking towards the Awakening Stone that was the size of his head.

The entire grand hall that was buzzing with life became silent as they also knew that this was an important moment for Alex Rager's acceptance into society as the son of a noble. They didn't have high hopes for Alex's talent, that's if he had any because they knew he was an orphan family they had never heard of.

'Watch! All of you "Nobles" are about bare witness true talent before your eyes!'

Alex placed both of his hands on the stone as it immediately reacted and broke into 5 pieces?!

'Fuck! This Shit Actually Broke?!'

Everyone was dumbstruck as they stared blankly at the broken fragments with disbelief. Even the General and everyone around Alex on the balcony was dumbstruck except Alex. He was freaking out inside and was about to explode as he genuinely thought all his effort was wasted and he had made a fool out of himself.

"Five...He...He Has...Five Pieces." A woman in a red dress murmur's to herself.

"He has an aptitude for all the elements?!" Another nobleman questions what he is seeing.

"This is never before seen in the Dragon Continent!" A nobleman in white suit claims.

"No.No...This is never before seen in the whole Mortal world!" hearing the previous comment, Rebecca rebuts in a whisper that was only heard by the individuals standing on the balcony.

Just hearing that her son had an aptitude to a single element would make Alexandra extremely happy but seeing that Alex has an aptitude for all the elements she started crying in joy.

While the crowd was heated in conversation. Alex stood before the stones on the table in confusion.

(Author's Note: The Awakening stones work as a one-time use item, the grade of the stone measures its accuracy to tell one's aptitude and talent. The higher the grade the better :). The number of pieces the stone turns into after the user touches it with both hands decides the number of elements one has talent in. Elements include Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and Metal. The Stones shine in colors representing each element and how bright the stones shine decides the talent in the element. SIMPLE.)




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The System notification went off inside his head which almost startled the life out of him.

'The Fuck is happening, why are they so surprised by me breaking this stone?! Never before seen My ASS?! Whatever it is it must be goooodddd...' before Alex finished, the Stones started to float up into the air as they shone in different colors.

Rays of Red (Fire), Blue (Water), Green (Earth), Silver (Wind), and Golden (Metal) lights each shone blindingly, turning the grand hall of the auction house into a disco club of these colors.

'Holy Shit!... Am I imagining this or is this Power Rangers...No! Wait!... I mean there an actual aurora borealis before me!'

'These little Shit stones can create this anywhere?! I need to get a hold on more of these!' Mesmerized by the spectacle in front of him.

The light show faded away as the stones fell back down to the ground of the balcony as the sound resonated in the hall full of live statues.

After what just happened Alex felt really proud of himself as he understood that he was truly amazing. The System notifications went on a frenzy while his eyes lit upon realizing that he truly made a big profit on his debut.

Looking down at all the stone statues he felt even more proud that he left them completely speechless with his performance.


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