The Sovereign System
10 Awakening Ceremony & Debut Part 4
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The Sovereign System
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10 Awakening Ceremony & Debut Part 4

'Humph, I will wait for all you slow ass nobles to appreciate my handsomeness as the wind blows on majestic hair!'

Striking a couple of poses every few minutes Alex got bored as there was no reaction, as though the people below him actually turned to stone.

Finally, there was one: "Puh hehe" As Alexandra giggles at Alex's antics while she was on her knees.

"Mom, Do you see them! They turned to stone Statues!" Alex compares the Noblemen to stone statues which made Rebecca and the others on the balcony giggle and laugh.

Alex then ran to his mother's embrace like a little kid his age would.

"Did I do well mom?! Is mom proud of little Alex?!" Alex asks his mother who was clearly overjoy with the outcome.

Alexandra felt the happiest in her life seeing her little angel run to her embrace.

"Yes, Alex! You made mommy feel happy!" She said while tears came out her eyes.

"Alex, We're all proud of you!" Rebecca says while joining their hug.

- - - - - - - - - -

A Few Moments Later

Alex left the embrace between the three as Rebecca supported his mother off the ground.

"Alexandra, you can't let those nobles see you like this, they might take advantage of your emotions to get close to you". Rebecca tells Alexandra in a worried tone.

Alexandra soon after controls her emotions and acts as if nothing happened while wiping the tears off her eyes.

"Good job little kid! Why don't you join my army! I'll be sure to provide a lot of resources for that talent of yours! The General says laughingly while holding Alex's shoulder.

Alex smiles as he moves on.

'Hell No! To The NO! NO! NO!' Alex thought after hearing the General's offer.

Leila's eyes were full of admiration as she said: "Elder Brother Alex was so cool and handsome, he turned those people to stone"

"Yes! You're absolutely right! Your elder brother here is very cool and so very handsome, he can do anything!" Alex said while patting on Leila's head.

'What does this kid think I am, Medusa?! Ehh, that's fine, Medusa works for now!'

All the while, Alexandra stood up before heading to the front of the balcony to observe the "Damage" Alex has dealt the Noblemen below. Alexandra didn't know how to act in this kind of situation so she looked back at the General.

The General had a smile on his face as he knew very well to deal with the current situation as this was not something new to him. He got the help signal from Alexandra as he started moving.

He carried his large figure with steps that echoed throughout the dead hall.

"My fellow brothers and sisters! We should not look so stone face as we should be celebrating! For Heavens has blessed our Dragon Continent with such a talented individual!" The General speaks as the noblemen come back to their senses hearing the hearty tone of General. As they laugh off their previous dumbfound state.

The hall becomes lit up again in discussions as to the unbelievable once in a lifetime event they had witnessed. They had already forgotten that the one who did it was an orphan and already accepted him as Miss Alexandra's Genius Son.

The General Lifts a glass of red wine: "I Would like to propose a toast!"

Seeing the General raised his glass, the noblemen raised their glass of wine with him.

"For Alex Rager! & The Prosperity Of The Nation!" The General says Powerfully as his voice resonated into their hearts.

"For Alex Rager! & The Prosperity Of The Nation!" The Noblemen Repeat with enthusiasm.

"Let us drink and Enjoy the night for our Nation!" The General finishes his speech as he drinks his win to the last drop, soon followed by all the others.

'WoW! How Bipolar! So enthusiastic now that you see my talent! Hate to break it to you I ain't-no-tool YOU can use for your benefit!' Alex thought to himself while standing next to his mother.

- - - - - - - - - -

"Did you see how handsome he is?! Omg, I have to marry my daughter to him!"

"He's not only handsome but unimaginably talented!"

"He will reach great heights when he grows up and becomes an adult!"

"What do you think the Emperor would do when he hears of this groundbreaking news?!"

"You know how he is! He'll try to take Alex's talent for himself. Such a Greedy Man"

"I don't think the Emperor will be that rash. Now that Alex is shown to be extraordinarily talented he will most likely be protected and raised with the support of General Frederick and the Rager family."

- - - - - - - - - - - -

For the next couple of hours, food and wine were served as the nobles discussed Alex's talent and gave their birthday gifts to Alexandra and Rebecca who were there on behalf of Alex.

Inside the Masters Room on the second floor rested Alex with a Smile.

"I've made it big today". Alex tells himself with the never-ending System notifications buzzing in his head.

'System!' Alex called for the System

'Can you speed up the notifications'

[Yes! But It Might Be A Little Painful!]

'Painful?! Ohh Nah! I don't want that!'

[The System Recommends The Host To Brace Himself...3...2...1]


"Aaaaaahhhhhh" Alex's face went white as he screamed out in pain.

Alex felt like an explosion went off in his head.

Luckily he was on the Third Floor and far enough that nobody heard his screams.

"Fuck You! I will NEVER do that again! I put that toward my life!"

Alex calmed down his racing heart as his headache relieved itself.

'System Never Do That Again'

The System Ignores Alex as if it never did anything.

[Congradulations Host For Earning 3,000 Show Off Point]

[The Host Has Done A SuperB Job Showing Off. As A Reward The Host Has Acquired A Title, A Big Show Off Gift Bag And A Debut Gift Bag]

[New Title: Show Off Practitioner]

[Host Has Fulfilled The Requirement For The System To Now Be Upgrade To Version 2.0]

[Price: Free]

All of Alex's previous resentment of the System left as though it was a leaf that got blown away by the wind.

"Three Thousand Points?! Alex said in disbelief.

"I was only expecting a thousand or so!... But Three Thousand!...I'm Rich!" Alex's eyes turned to dollar signs as he kept thinking about it.

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'Hold Up! Hold Up! This System Upgrade might be even more valuable than the actual points! The Upgrade is also free!'

'I hit the JackPot!'

Alex laid on the sofa looking like he was on drugs as saliva came out the side of his mouth. He stayed that way for a couple of hours as the System Upgraded to Version 2.0 to his command.

- - - - - - - -

Back at the main hall where the celebration continued till midnight as people became satisfied and were ready to leave. Picking Up Noble's mood and satisfaction, Rebecca knew it was time for the Party to come to an end as they have held these nobles for long enough already. She went to get Alex from the Masters Room to have him give them a proper farewell as it was appropriate to do so.

*Knock* *Knock* Rebecca knocked on the door before entering. As she entered her face showed confusion as to how Alex looked while laid down on the sofa.

"HeHe...Alex what have you been up to?!"

"Oh?...Hey Sister Rebecca! What time is it?" Alex gets up and wipes the saliva dripping off his face.

"Silly! We need you to end the Party so all the Nobles can go home." Rebecca tells Alex while fixing his robe.

"What should I do? Do you want me to Pose a couple of more times for them!" Alex asks Rebecca jokingly while he follows her back down to the second floor.

"Silly! Alex, all you have to do is give a farewell speech to show your gratitude for them attending. You can pose all you want after they leave." Rebecca responds.

- - - - - - - -

Grand Hall

Alexandra smiles: "I thank all of my esteemed guests for the patience shown. It is our honor to do business with nobles who are so extraordinary."

"How Noble like!"

"The Goddess' voice is that of an angel, beautiful and soothing to the ear!"

"Her smile is such an exquisite sight to behold."

"We would wait as long as you need us, Goddess, Alexandra!"

Alex walks in as he greets his mother and the others with a deep bow to show respect. Walking towards the front of the balcony: 'God will these people shut up already! Still trying to hit on my woman, I will break your faces and cripple ur miniature worms so they can never do their duties'. Alex thought to himself.


[System Has Officially Upgraded To Version 2.0]

Hearing the System message Alex wore a warm expression as he looked around the hall before him.

"I would like to express my deepest gratitude again for all of our noble guests for coming this evening! We would like to leave on a good note and make this a memorable experience to be share! There will be gifts for our esteemed guests as a special thank you from me and my mother! I thank all of you for attending this event as I hope this isn't the last. I am in your care from today onwards!"

*Clap* *Clap* Alex walked back as a rainbow of flowers appeared above them and fell like a flower shower. While all their attention was on the shower above them, the workers from the auction house swiftly put a gift before each and every guest.

Leaving them mesmerized as they took their gifts without complaint and left after saying their farewell.

'That was so dope! However they thought of that, it amazed me! Such a Grand and beautiful ending to a fabulous evening.'


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