The Sovereign System
11 Mountain Of Flowers & Fruits
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The Sovereign System
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11 Mountain Of Flowers & Fruits

After A Nights Rest

'System give me a quick summary of the changes that occurred with Version 2.0'


[The System has Added New Sections To The Shop And Has Given Host Access To Previously Locked Features]

[The Host Has Unlocked The Following]



-Repair Shop

-Upgrade Shop



[The System Has Rewarded The Host For Upgrading The System With An Upgrade Gift Bag]

'Sheesh, That's a lot!' Startled by the extent the system has changed.

"Finally, I'm able to cultivate and beat the shit out of people!". Alex was very pleased with how things turned out in the Ceremony and the rewards he reaped.

'System, open the Inventory'

The Inventory Space showed up in front of Alex.

(He's the only one who can see anything related to the system and its functions. Either in his head or in front of him. He controls it with his thoughts and no physical interactions are needed.)

Looking at the mostly empty Inventory of his he became curious. 'System, How big is the Inventory?'


[As Expansive As You Wish]

'System are you cheating me?! Where is the Setting? I am done with this Dinging!' Commands the system to open the settings.

*Settings Menue*

'Now zip that shit before I shove it up your ***'

'And lower the volume of the Notification or my head will explode'

After customizing the setting to his liking Alex went back to the Inventory to open his gift.

"Sooo, I have the Big Show Off Gift Bag, the Debut Gift Bag, and the Upgrade Gift Bag. Hhhmmm, which to open first'

'I choose you, Pikachu!... Wait! This ain't Pokemon?!... Whatever, OPEN ALL THE GIFTS!'

[The System Can Only Open One At A Time. Please Be Patient.]


[Opening The Debut Gift Bag]


[Elemental God's Divine Body]

[Type: Body Cultivation]

[Grade: Divine]

The Elemental God's Divine Body is a special body cultivation method which only those who have an aptitude for all the elements can cultivate. This cultivation method has five elemental parts, completion of each part significantly strengthens the body and gives full resistance to attacks of the element. Completion of all parts gives the user full control over all the elements and an unimaginable defense.

[Immortal Sovereign]

[Type: Inner Cultivation]

[Grade: Immortal]

...(Bla Bla Bla. I don't want to explain this shit! I'm Lazy! Just know it's Super OP)

[Mountain Of Flowers & Fruits]

[Type: Dimension]

This Mountain is the birthplace of the Monkey King and is the sacred Mountain where all kinds of Herbs and Spiritual Fruits grow. This Dimension has its own basis on time as one month in the Mortal Plains translates to one thousand in this dimension.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

[Opening Debut Gift Bag]



[Type: Passive Ability]

Cultivate on the go. Whether you're sleeping, eating or even taking a shit! (Self-Explanatory)

[5,000 SP]

[Type: One-time Voucher]

Gives the Host 5,000 SP! (Also Pretty Self-Explanatory)

- - - - - - - - -

[Opening System Upgrade Gift Bag]



[Type: Occupation]

[Grade: 1]

This gives you the basic knowledge for Alchemy and lets the Host create Grade one pills with 100% success rate.

(Upgradable with SP)

[Escape Voucher]

[Type: Voucher]

[Grade: 10]

Lets the Host Escape any and every situation and sends the Host 1000 km away.


[Shop Voucher]

[Type: Voucher]
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Lets the Host get a single item from the System Shop without spending a lick of SP.

(One-time use only)


Excited, Alex quickly accepted all of them. Then Alex felt enlightened as all the knowledge about Alchemy and the cultivation methods flowed into his head.

*Opens the shop* Seeing that he now had over 8,000 SP and a free shop voucher, greed shone in his eyes.

'System I want to use the Shop Voucher'

[What Would The Host Like To Spend The Voucher On?]

'Hehe, buy the GOD'S EYES'


[Purchase Confirmed]

'Learn the ability'

Alex's eyes begun to shine white as the ability embedded itself inside.

[GOD'S EYES accuried]

"Now it's time to check out this Mountain Of Flowers & Fruits"

- - - - - - - - - -

At the same time in the Imperial Palace

Throne Room

"Is what you say the truth?" The Emperor asks doubtfully

"Your Highness, I would not dare lie. The Awakening Ceremony Of Alexandra Rager's adopted child showed that he has an aptitude for all the elements and his talent is extraordinary in each with none falling behind the other. I personally attended the event, and would not dare come to inform you of false information." A Nobleman responds.

"What do you suppose we do? Should we get rid of the nuisance?" asks the Emperor.

"I would not dare disagree but, I would advise you rethink this. He is supported by the Ragers and General Freddrick, it would put us in a bind if we fail and your highness' position might be threatened if word gets out."

"We should keep a close watch on the kid and act when it is of the essence." The Nobleman suggested.

"hahaha! Good! We shall watch him closely! Pass my orders down to the Royal Spies." The Emperor laughs.

"Sooner or later that talent will be mine and I will take over the Continents as the supreme ruler! Hahahahaha!"

- - - - - - - - - -


'Who's thinking of me at this hour? WTF? Creepy!'


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